Always IN with GALAXY Ace Duos!
You can now always 100% engage yourself in work and play. The new GALAXY Ace Duos has a sophisticated design and superior performance. Android v2.3.6 Gingerbread™ even makes everything much easier. With Dual SIM, you will have double mobility! The device offers an enriched smartphone user experience that enables you to manage work life balance anytime, anywhere, and enjoy unlimited incredible moments in your life with ease.
Dual SIM design, Service Plan of Your Choice
The Dual SIM design means you can easily keep in touch with the world continuously. Dual SIM feature can easily help you managing your voice call and SMS from different numbers. While using 3G data for downloading and web browsing, another SIM card can also be used for voice calling. You can switch to the appropriate SIM card depending on where you are without opening the casing - it is more efficient in handling business and private matters. You’ll have the luxury of choosing between the two SIMs for the stronger signal, or a better combination of service plans. With the advanced Dual SIM feature, you’ll always stay connected to the world from anywhere.
Switch SIM Card, Meet Your Needs
SIM card icons can be changed in the way you want which makes your phone more personalized. Wallpaper will be automatically updated upon switching the active SIM. Wallpaper for each SIM can be set according to their usage, and remind you which is the SIM in use.
Excellence in Performance
The new GALAXY Ace Duos has excellent performance! This device features a 3.5” full touch screen, a fast 832Mhz processor, high-end 5.0 mega-pixel Auto Focus camera, and with downloading speed at 7.2Mbps on HSDPA. No matter shooting photos, watching movies or playing games, it’s more than enough.
Large Memory Capacity,
Fun on the Move
With large memory capacity of 4GB, it can store more multimedia files in GALAXY Ace Duos, allowing you to store every memorable moment of your life. With Samsung unique TouchWiZ v4.0 function, you can place the commonly used widgets and apps on the home screens according your preference. Plus, built-in Google Play™ and Samsung Apps allow you to download apps anytime and anywhere, making work and entertainment without interruption.
*Actual available memory for end user usage may vary due to device pre-configuration.
Exclusive Offer of SOLITON Music Service
14-day FREE trial offer of SOLITON Music app is available at Samsung Apps. Users can also enjoy 15% off for service subscription of first 6 months.
SOLITON is a multi-function music platform where users can enjoy over 1 million local, Japanese, Korean and international songs by streaming. With powerful voice command feature users can search songs just read aloud lyrics or artists names. SOLITON also has inbuilt social networking functions, allowing music lovers to share their favorite music with their friends and even celebrities. LET’S PLAY!
ChatON Keeps You Connected,
Makes More Fun
ChatON is a social networking platform provides you a variety of free Anicons to express your emotions, also lets you create unique animation messages and express yourself by drawing something to friends. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. ChatON supports various platforms* and web version is also provided. Just loading contact details from address book and chat freely through ChatON even on PCs.
Let you enjoy the priority to play latest Apps! Enjoy priority!
Apps correspond to high quality screen display. Enjoy intense clarity!
Download and use apps straight away. Always reliable!
The "Uplus" app sync with the informative lifestyle online portals in terms of UTravel, UFood & UBeauty. It's including daily on Food & Beverage, Beauty & Fashion and Travel & Malls activity tips and special updated. This is definitely a free and handy expert with indulgence urban lifestyle user.
PCM app offers comprehensive and up-to-date IT industry news and product reviews on computer and digital products to help readers in pursuit of their digital lives. is an informative price comparison portal for electronic products, including mobile phones, games, computers and electronic appliances. It provides users the information about products’ specification and the latest price reviews of different vendors in Hong Kong. With the GPS function, the app spots out the nearby vendor with the cheapest price reviews.
Skyscanner - All Flights!
Skyscanner compares over 1,000 airlines to find you the cheapest flights, fast.
FCS i-Guest Hotels Finder
Travelers can find any hotels globally and play in local language of a foreign hotel/airport’s name and address without hassle.
*Supports Android, bada, iOS, Web, Windows mobile, etc
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