Samsung GALAXY Note3 + Gear
GALAXY Note3 4G version
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S View Cover Flip Wallet Battery charger
The GALAXY Note3 has a premium quality leather-like back skin cover, which gives you a sense of fine endeavor of craftsmanship with its sophisticated stitching. This soft back cover offers a high mobility because it is not slippery but firm grip holding in your hand. It has a classic feeling as well as a sense of analog in your palm.
The advanced S Pen is designed to be fully functional by creating essential input and control features. Hover your S Pen anywhere over the screen and by just clicking a button aside S Pen, it gives you a quick access to 5 useful features (Action Memo, Scrapbook, Screen Write, S Finder and Pen Window) via Air Command which can complete a variety of everyday tasks easily.
Action Memo
Screen Write
S Finder
Pen Window
Multi Window enables you to less struggle to switch between applications back and forth constantly by allowing to easily do two different tasks simultaneously. You can drag the text or a screenshot of images first and drop those items into the other window instantly with the Drag & Drop feature. Enjoy a cinematic view from the My Magazine that offers you a great easiness to look your favourite menu at a glance.
Truly amazing way of communication with people via the GALAXY Gear. You can receive incoming phone calls, read messages, play music and control pedometer without having to take out your phone. Once you activate the S Voice by double pressing, you can run several features by giving commands only with your voice. It is helpful when your hands are busy working on something else.
With the combination of GALAXY Gear and GALAXY Note3, you will get notification alert. In GALAXY Gear, the instant checking Notification feature allows you to easily monitor call, mms and SNS logs.
Featured Apps and Offers
In some spontaneous moments, you need instant access to the camera, and GALAXY Gear is located in the right place, attached to your wrist. Also it is best to record things as they come up. With Memographer feature, you will not miss any moments or ideas with GALAXY Gear.
streaming service
With a single account, you can play Hollywood blockbusters on a mobile device, computer and SmartTV anytime. When you become a GALAXY Note 3 user, you’ll be instantly treated to a free viewing of the Hollywood movie “World War Z.” First-time subscription will be awarded with 30 points (good for viewing one HD movie) while first-time purchase of 100 points will be awarded an additional 100 points.
A platform that hosts Chinese magazines and comics
A huge number of the hottest Chinese magazines and comics are featured, including “East Touch”, “Fashion& Beauty”, “PC Market”, “GAMESTATION”, “yes!”, Tongli Comics and Kingcomics series. Apps subscribers can enjoy a first-month free trial subscription (valued at $31).
Offer applies to only GALAXY Note 3 users. Each device is limited to a single movie streaming. All offers are subject to the related terms and conditions.
For details, please visit
*Offer applies to only GALAXY Note 3 users. Each device is limited to a
single movie streaming.
# Offer expires on 31 December 2013.
All offers are subject to the related terms and conditions.
For details, please visit
Flip Wallet S View Cover Battery charger
Free Social
Networking APP
On GALAXY Note3 for more versatile chats and sharing!
Multi-Chat Rooms
With the latest Multi Window feature, you can work and play while chatting away or talk in two different chat rooms, to balance your social network life with ease.
Instant Sharing with a drag
Access Multi Window to share with your buddies any text, images, video or websites, simply by Drag and Drop.
Visit and log into website version to synchronize with mobile ChatON!
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an exclusive preloaded app
SketchBook for Galaxy
Professional drawing is so easy
Integrate and synchronize with S Note
Additional 48GB space for free #
Flip Wallet
S View Cover
Extra Battery Kit
S Charger Kit Set
S Pen
GalaxyPlus is a preloaded folder on GALAXY NOTE3. Image is for reference only.
# For details of Dropbox offers, please refer to:
Samsung GALAXY Gear - Specifications
Special Features
•    Hands-free Call
•    Memographer: Easily take photos or record video
•    Notifications (eg. Incoming Call, Emails, etc.)
•    S Voice (eg.: Composing Message, Set Alarm, Check Weather, etc.)
•    Smart Relay: View content on your GALAXY Note3 by picking up your GALAXY Note3 after
      received Notifications from your GALAXY Gear
•    Find My Device: It helps you to find the location of your GALAXY Note3 by making
      GALAXY Note3 to play a sound and its screen will be turned on.
Other Features:
•    Contacts
•    Call Logs
•    Gallery
•    Media Controller
•    Voice Memo
•    Pedometer
Gear Manager:
•    Managing GALAXY Gear Settings and Samsung Apps by GALAXY Note3
•    Find My Gear: It helps you to find the location of your GALAXY Gear by making GALAXY Gear to play
      a sound and its screen will be turned on.
Operating Platform*** •    Android v4.2.2(Jelly Bean)
Dimension •    36.8 (L) x 56.6 (W) x 11.1 (D) mm
Weight •    73.8 g
Display •    1.63” Super AMOLED Display (320 x 320)
Processor •    800MHz
Memory▲ •    Internal Memory: 4GB
•    512MB RAM
Color+ •    Black / Beige / Gray / Rose Gold / Orange / Green
Battery Time* •    315mAh
•    Standby Time: 150 hrs
Camera •    1.9 Mega-pixel Auto Focus Camera
•    Shooting Mode: Auto / Sound & Shot
•    15-sec Video Recording & Playback (1280 x 720 pixel)
•    Bluetooth#:v4.0(BLE)
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^ Subject to local network, data and messaging services.
▲ Actual available memory for end user usage may vary due to pre-configuration. The pre-configuration includes preloaded operating system and applications.
+ For reference only, please check with our staff for details.
* The talk time and stand-by time are approximate. Performance of the battery is subject to the network, signal strength, function, selection and profile.
# Stereo Bluetooth is only applicable to specific headsets.

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