The new Samsung MP3 Player YP-F3 is your outdoor exercise partner offering great performance and convenience, with SoundAlive™ delivers powerful sound effects. YP-F3 comes with two vivid colors (blue, pink) for your own flavor and you can customize it with multiple popcon characters. Featuring a rear clip on the back for enhanced versatility, it is also your systematical fitness assistant by using fitness function.

Colorful Clip for portability

With the clean edged lines and a small size, YP-F3 gives the impression of simplicity and convenience simultaneously. YP-F3 comes with two vivid colors (blue, pink) for your own preferences. By using the rear clip, YP-F3 can conveniently be clipped onto the strap of your bag or easier to carry it around.

Easy Control & 4 Line Color Display

The control of YP-F3 is intuitive and simple with the sensitive 4 directions tactile button. The 4 lines color display screen will ease on your eyes and provide the abundant informational interface

SoundAlive™ musical system

SoundAlive™ is the special acoustic field effect engine that enables you to listen to precisely tuned sound. With the improved range of digital sounds, and deeply richened low frequency sounds, you’ll be surprised with the amazing sound quality. You can fine tune the sound in detail with 6 different presets EQ and the user defined EQ settings (User EQ).

Study mode for language learner

Use Study mode to practice different languages. You can improve efficiency of your language learning with the functions of changing the speed of the recording,
one touch repeat function of re-listen a phrase, skipping 10 seconds, etc.

Fitness Function

Fitness Function gives you a choice of walking, running, yoga, or cycling modes. Highly portable YP-F3 supports your effective workout with the detailed settings, such as exercise types, daily goals, voice guidance, and body information settings.

Adorable Popcon icon!

Select your favorite popcon character and give it a name, or you can create your own popcon icon. Meet newly created Popcon characters daily and feel refreshment!

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.