‧VOR/VOP (Voice Only Recording/Playback)
‧Line-In Recording
‧FM Radio
‧Record in MP3 file format

Young and stylish Design

‧Metal Stylish Design for Young
‧Minimize Parting Line
‧Point Record button in front with LED
‧Samsung MP3 Design Identity

Clearly Recording

‧Interview mode
‧Meeting mode

NR(Noise Reduction)

NR (noise reduction) measures noise profile and starts suppressing the environmental noise adaptively for clearer recording.

VOR & VOP (Voice Only Recording/Playback)

VOR (Voice Only Recording) automatically discards non-speech part and let VP1 to record meaningful speech signals only.
Usual voice recordings contain high amount of silence period.
VOP (Voice Only Playback) accelerates the playback speed up to 4 times when silence is detected not to waste time on listening meaningless silence.

DNSe™ 3.0 Full support

Audio Upscaler
Restore damage part of compressed music up to CD quality

Concert Hall+
Reinforce and diversify Concert hall EQ
- 3 levels of room size and reverb effect

Convenient to Study language

Users can easily adjust a playback speed (x0.5~x2.0) without the pitch of the voice.

AGC (Automatic Gain Control)

AGC automatically sets the optimal recording gain according to an input signal power inversely proportional to a distance.

Very Long Battery Time

‧RECORDING: 20 hrs
‧PLAYBACK: 50hrs (Earphone), 20 hrs (Speaker)

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.