NX2000 18-55mm 50-200mm 16mm 20mm 30mm 60mm 85mm
With Samsung SMART CAMERA NX2000, you’re able to tell your stories, not just take pictures. Its ultra-sensitive 20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS Sensor allows you to create images full of detail with colors that burst with life and imagination.
The spacious 3.7” (93.8 mm) WVGA touch screen opens up room for your creativity and offers an easy way to hone your craftsmanship.

A variety of smart modes and manual controls make the camera an ideal choice for photography enthusiasts like you.

In addition, the AutoShare feature simultaneously sends every photo you snap to your smartphone. You’ll now have an extra copy of your photos that you can effortlessly share with friends and family.
20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS Sensor
Reality never
looked so real!
With NX2000, you can now produce outstanding works like a professional photographer. The camera is equipped with a 20.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS Sensor, offering the highest resolution in its class, to help you capture high-quality images with lifelike colors. And since the sensor is relatively large, it collects the most light. This is perfect for taking professional-class photos, wherein the main subject stands out from an out-of-focus background.
*Until May 2013, those who purchase entry-level Samsung cameras can redeem for the highest resolution screen among Compact System Cameras (CSC)
3.7” (93.8mm)
WVGA Touch Screen
The extraordinary power of
ultra-large touch screen display.
The NX2000 boasts the largest screen in its class, with a stunning 3.7” (93.8mm) WVGA display that serves plenty of space for reviewing and editing your masterpieces. You get full touch-screen action, with no physical menu buttons taking up valuable space. It conveniently lets you adjust the autofocus just by the dragging and pinching motion of your two fingers. You can also shrink or zoom in on the pictures in playback mode. The display offers up the full spectrum of colors, so what you see on the screen matches what you shoot.
*Until May 2013, those who purchase entry-level Samsung cameras can redeem for the largest touch screen among Compact System Cameras(CSC).
AutoShare feature
Save photos to your camera
and smartphone as you shoot
Just download the Samsung Smart Camera apps on your smart device (Android or IOS) and the NX2000 will be linked to your smartphone or mobile tablet via Wi-Fi connection. This will confer your camera with a variety of Wi-Fi-enabled functions that take photography to a whole new level. With the AutoShare feature activated, every snapshot you have taken will be simultaneously sent to your smartphone or mobile tablet – to make backing up and sharing your high-quality photos super-easy. Leveraging on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, you can tap your mobile devices with the NX2000 to establish a Wi-Fi connectivity for easy retrieval of your photos.*
*If the app is not installed on your devices, you will be directed to the App Store where you can download and install the app. NFC is incompatible with IOS devices.
Smart Mode
Professional and
effortless shooting
With Smart Mode, the pictures you take will tell stories that rival those created by the pros. Smart Mode settings such as Waterfall and Light Trace enable you to photograph the beauty of cascading water or flowing light trails. Use Action Freeze to capture the fast-paced actions around you or merge various exposures with Rich Tone to create surrealistic images. Let Creative Shot enhance the emotion of any scene or moment you capture!
3D Still and Movie Recording
True 3D Creator allows your amazing photo journey to pop off the screen, to lifelike effects! The interchangeable-lens system of NX2000 lets you shoot stills and movies in Samsung 45mm 2D/3D lens. Show off your stunning adventures on a compatible 3D HDTV to let your friends back home to feel as if they were there.

*NX 3D Lens sold separately
8 fps fast continuous shooting
The NX2000 lets you shoot continuously at an ultra-fast rate of 8 frames per second. This means that when shooting fast-moving action, you can capture the entire sequence with a series of brilliantly clear stills. Through its advanced autofocus system, the camera can bring precision to snapping fast-moving subjects. A short shutter release lag helps you capture the fleeting moment before the subject moves out of sight.
1080 30p Full HD Movie Recording
The NX2000 may not look like a camcorder, but its superb recording function enables you to capably capture full HD 1080/30p video. With uncompromising performance bolstered by an 18-200 mm lens, the device is empowered to deliver smooth, professional-looking videos that play marvelously well on your HDTV.
1/4000 sec shuttle speed
You have a split second to take the shot your family will be talking about for generations! With a shutter speed of 1/4000 s – and fast autofocus system - the NX2000 lets you capture a cyclist whipping by a skateboarder in midair, without a hint of motion blur.
ISO 100-25600
Even in the dark, you can capture a natural-looking portrait with amazing color retention and detail. The upgraded Wide Range of the NX2000 lets you shoot up to ISO 25600, making it more sensitive to light than the previous model. Shoot in the dark – indoors and out – and enjoy photos with an unparalleled sharpness and minimal noise.
The i-Function lenses system is designed for the novice and expert alike. Adjust the key camera functions through just a single button and the value ring. In this way, you can quickly choose the best setting and mode that enable you to shoot professionally!
DRIMe IV New Image engine
Whether you’re shooting 2D or 3D, the DRIMe IV image processor accurately captures every special moment with amazing precision and quality! The DRIMe IV image processor is not only faster than that of the previous model, its improved color reproduction and noise reduction performance also ensure you’ll treasure your memories with enhanced Full HD quality.
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4
The NX2000 is a perfect match with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 to bring out all the details for crisp professional-looking photos. Organize photos by the location they were taken with GPS tagging. View and make adjustments to video clips, turn them into still images, or trim and edit according to your needs.
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