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  • WMN2000C 1 front silverWMN2000CPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/hk-en_WMN2000CX-XC_001_Front_silver?$L1-Gallery$hk-en_WMN2000CX-XC_001_Front_silver30002000370370#dbdbdb9333227
WMN2000C front silver

Ultra Slim Wall Mount

Innovative, picture-frame design, and quick, one-person installation make the ultra-slim WMN2000 the perfect partner for your Samsung TV. Once in-situ, it stands just 20mm proud from the wall, enhancing the impression that your TV really is a window on the world. The lightweight, durable mounting is suitable for brick and stud walls and because you’ll only need to make a maximum of two screw fixings, the integrity of your décor is assured, and with a safe working load of up to 50kg, secure your machine in place for year after year of rock-steady service.

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Product Features

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General Feature

  • Distance From The Wall: 15mm
  • Number of Hole on The Wall: 2
  • Safe Working Load: 50kg(110lb)


  • LED TV: 2011 LED 65", 2010 LED 60" ~ 65"
  • Plasma TV: 2011 U/S PDP 59", 64", 2010 U/S PDP 58", 63"
General Feature
Distance From The Wall
Number of Hole on The Wall
Safe Working Load
Plasma TV