A) Check device is fully charged
B) Ensure device is purchased from authorized dealers in Hong Kong
C) Ensure device is connected to internet via mobile data or Wi-Fi network

WARNING: All data in the device may be erased

Power on GT-P6200 and register Google account(Refer to Figure 1)

Figure 1  

Go to “Settings > About device > Software update”(Refer to Figure 2)
In figure 2, there are 4 items – Update, Auto update, Wi-Fi only and Push messages
Update – When this item is selected, FOTA will start.
Auto update – When this item is checked, the device will periodically check for new software.
If new software is released, FOTA will start.
Wi-Fi only – This item sets FOTA to run in Wi-Fi network. If it is unchecked, software will be upgraded through mobile data network.
Push messages – When new software is released, server will send notification to the device for upgrade request.

Figure 2  

Select “Update” and register a Samsung account(Refer to Figure 3 & 4)Sign up a new account if you don't have one.
Otherwise, please sign in.

Figure 3 Figure 4  

Notice of new software check then pops up. Choose “OK” to check via mobile network or choose “Wi-Fi settings” to set up Wi-Fi connection(Refer to Figure 5).

Figure 5  

Then a small package is downloaded(Refer to Figure 6) and do installation(Refer to Figure 7)

Figure 6 Figure 7  

The device is rebooted after completing installation(Refer to Figure 8). New software version is shown finally(Refer to Figure 9).

Figure 8 Figure 9  


1. Samsung account and Google account login are required before proceeding FOTA.
2. If the device occurs abnormal behaviour such as reset or auto restart during the process, please full reset the device via the following path:
Setting → Privacy → Factory data reset → select “Reset device”
(Remarks: All accounts, user data and settings will be erased from the device’s internal storage under Factory Data Reset.)

Figure 10