Samsung Presents World’s First 3D Blu-ray Home Entertainment System

Apr 12, 2012

with Vacuum Tubes and Digital Hybrid Amplifier
A Series of New Home Entertainment Systems to Make Debut
Diverse Products to Satisfy Different Users

Samsung Presents World’s First 3D Blu-ray Home Entertainment System
with Vacuum Tubes and Digital Hybrid Amplifier

A Series of New Home Entertainment Systems to Make Debut

Diverse Products to Satisfy Different Users


Hong Kong 11 April 2012 – Samsung Electronics HK Co. Ltd., a global leader in consumer electronics, has presented a new series of home entertainment systems to offer extraordinary home entertainment delights to consumers with different need. The diverse collection of products include HT-E6750W, the world’s first 3D Blu-ray home entertainment system which consists of both vacuum tube amplifier and digital hybrid amplifier; HT-ES8200, HT-E4500K, HT-E3500 and HT-ES4200K, 3D Blu-ray home entertainment systems; BD-E6500, BD-E5900, BD-E5500, 3D Blu-ray players; BD-E5300, Blu-ray player; and HT-E450K and HT-ES420K, DVD home entertainment systems.

Mr. Benny Yu, Product Marketing Director, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics HK Co Ltd., said, “Samsung has been devoted to offering consumers a genuine smart life with advanced video technologies. This time, not only have we incorporated vacuum tube amplifiers sought-after by audiophiles into the entertainment systems to show our commitment to providing users with quality audiovisual enjoyment excellent at both specifications and sound quality, we have also presented a wide variety of entertainment sets for consumers with diverse need to choose from.”


Samsung HT-E6750W



HT-E6750W – World’s First 3D Blu-ray Entertainment System Built-in with Vacuum Tube and Digital Hybrid Amplifier
Samsung HT-E6750W is the first 3D Blu-ray entertainment system in the world that is equipped with Samsung’s proprietary technology of incorporating vacuum tubes with digital amplifying – a combination of the warmth and richness of the former and the clarity of the latter. Vacuum tubes are used as the pre-amplifier while they are complemented by multi-feedback and digital sound output to offer listeners natural and harmonic sound, catering to the demand of audiophiles.

In addition, the 7.1 channel speakers of HT-E6750W deliver a total sound output of 1330W, bringing users stunning realistic audio entertainment. The 7.1 channel speaker units are specially made from glass fibre, a material that is heat resistant, resilient and durable, greatly reducing sound distortion due to unstable vibrations. Audiovisual enjoyment is enhanced by clear and delicate sound output as well as more thundering sound effects.

HT-E6750W supports AllShare Play, enabling users to play music remotely from their GALAXY devices, as well as to share and retrieve various digital files from different Samsung portable digital devices that are compatible with AllShare Play.

Samsung HT-E6750W 3D Blu-ray home entertainment system can play full high definition 3D Blu-ray discs. A 3D convertor is also built in to transform 2D images to 3D with a simple click. Equipped with the latest 3D Sound Plus audio technology, 3D sound effect is integrated with vertical and horizontal surround sound. Through depth rendering technology and digital signal processing, the new system creates a 3D sound effect that is deep and spacious, thus matching 3D picture with life-like 3D sound effect to make for the most stunning 3D home theatre delight.

Moreover, HT-E6750W supports the brand new Smart Hub service of 2012, including the three signature services: Family Story that connects family and friends with news announcement and sharing of precious photos; Fitness which plays fitness training videos with Video on Demand and keeps track of users’ workout history; and Kids, an interesting programme tailor made for children. Along with the three innovative services, Web Browser allows users to surf the internet and enjoy exclusive offers of Samsung using the huge TV screen with built-in WiFi even if the TV itself cannot connect with the internet.


HT-ES8200 – World’s Slimmest 2.1 Channel 3D Blu-ray Entertainment System
With a mere thickness of 23mm, Samsung HT-ES8200 is the thinnest 2.1 channel 3D Blu-ray entertainment system in the world. Its compact size makes it ideal for blending with household environments in Hong Kong, whether mounted on the wall or placed on the table. HT-ES8200 supports a sound output of 400W. Complemented by 3D Sound Plus and Crystal Amplifier Plus technologies, it delivers realistic and crystal clear sound effect through double sound filtering. Its slim design and the use of real aluminium speakers make it a perfect match for the LED TV series ES8000 which features a silver colour. AllShare Play is also supported by the system, offering users the flexibility to play various multimedia files.

HT-ES8200 is compatible with the three signature Smart Hub services in 2012, including Family Story, Fitness and Kids. Together with Web Browser and built-in WiFi connectivity, users are set to enjoy epochal audiovisual entertainment.


Samsung HT-E4500K



HT-E4500K and HT-E3500 – 5.1 Channel 3D Blu-ray Home Entertainment Systems
Equipped with a 3D conversion function, HT-E4500K offers users a comprehensive 3D experience. Perfect 3D interpretation is made possible with a powerful 5.1 channel surround sound output of 1000W, virtual 7.1 channel and 3D Sound Plus effect. Complemented by Web Browser and the three signature Smart Hub services of 2012 – Family Story, Fitness and Kids – it treats users readily to diverse content offered by Samsung.


Samsung HT-E3500



In a 5.1 channel satellite speaker design, HT-E3500 can satisfy the need of different users. Premium entertainment quality is also guaranteed with the use of Crystal Amplifier Plus which enables a sound output of 500W, as well as with the capability to play 3D Blu-ray discs.


Both HT-E4500K and HT-E3500 support Samsung’s exclusive AllShare Play, allowing users to effortlessly connect with other compatible devices and share files, enjoying unrestricted entertainment.


Samsung HT-ES4200K




HT-ES4200K – Ultra-flexible 2.1 Channel Blu-ray Home Entertainment System
Supporting a powerful 2.1 channel sound output of 500W and virtual 5.1 channel sound effect, the two front speakers of HT-ES4200K can also be installed in the form of a soundbar beneath the table. The flexibility allows the system to be installed to the preference of each user. HT-ES4200K also supports the three new signature services of Smart Hub as well as other internet functions, offering diverse multimedia elements to each member of the family apart from playing 3D Blu-ray discs.

HT-ES4200K converts 2D pictures to 3D effect readily with the built-in 3D convertor, at the same time creates deep and spacious surround sound with the latest 3D Sound Plus technology.


Samsung BD-6500



BD-E6500, BD-E5900, BD-E5500 – 3D Blu-ray Players
Despite a compact size, the three new models of 3D Blu-ray players BD-E6500, BD-E5900 and BD-E5500 are fully equipped with AllShare Play, which offers diverse and convenient enjoyment that is beyond compare.

The 3D Blu-ray player BD-E6500 loads discs with a Slot-in design, enabling faster and quieter loading. Its blue lighting effect makes the player glow faintly in blue to present a sense of taste. Both BD-E6500 and BD-E5900 have WiFi connectivity built in, offering users to get hold of information around the globe handily with the built-in Web Browser.


Samsung BD-5900




Apart from premium 3D Blu-ray viewing delight, both BD-E6500 and BD-E5900 support WiFi Direct, which connects with other WiFi compatible devices readily without the need for additional router, allowing multimedia elements to be shared conveniently. Both models also support the three signature Smart Hub services of 2012, including Family Story, Fitness and Kids, enabling users to enjoy Samsung’s special offers while appreciating quality 3D Blu-ray movies.


Samsung BD-E5500



Also able to play 3D Blu-ray discs, BD-E5500 can upscale DVD images to 1080p output to provide quality pictures. Its compact design, with a width of 36cm, helps save space while the compatibility with Smart Hub offers users to enjoy the wonderful content of Smart Hub along with watching 3D Blu-ray movies.


Samsung BD-ES5300



BD-E5300 – Blu-ray Player
Samsung BD-E5300 Blu-ray player is one of high functionality and eco-friendliness, with power consumption as low as 0.3W. With a fast loading and booting capacity, the player readily plays Blu-ray discs, DVDs and various file formats such as MKV, HD JPEG and Divx HD without the need to format the video clips. Supporting AllShare Play, BD-E5300 makes sharing with friends and family effortless by connecting easily with other devices to play videos from computers or smart phones. Meanwhile, BD-E5300 also supports Youtube, allowing users to watch online video clips and movies anytime.


Samsung HT-E450K



HT-E450K and HT-ES420K – DVD Home Entertainment System
Samsung’s latest DVD home entertainment system HT-E450K affords a powerful 5.1 channel sound output totalling 1000W with built-in Crystal Amplifier Plus to reduce sound distortion, delivering clear and thundering sound effect. The system also supports HDMI Audio Return Channel, which saves the hassle of connecting optical cables and collects sound directly from the TV to play via the 5.1 channel speakers.

HT-ES420K delivers 2.1 channel sound output with a total power of 500W. While the two front speakers can be installed as conventional tall boy speakers, they can also be combined to form a soundbar at the bottom of the TV. Users can install the speakers to their own preference, enjoying unrivalled flexibility.

In addition, both models are equipped with a karaoke function and a capacity to upscale ordinary DVD images to 1080p output, making full use of what a DVD has to offer.




Retail Price


7.1 Channel 3D Blu-ray Home Entertainment System – first in the world with built-in vacuum tube and digital hybrid amplifier

HK$ 12,980


2.1 Channel 3D Blu-ray Home Entertainment System – slimmest in the world

HK$ 7,990


5.1 Channel 3D Home Entertainment System

HK$ 3,890


5.1 Channel 3D Home Entertainment System

HK$ 3,790


Convertibel2.1 Channel Blu-ray Home Entertainment System

HK$ 3,890


5.1 Channel DVD Home Entertainment System

HK$ 2,490


Convertible  5.1 Channel DVD Home Entertainment System

HK$ 2,490


3D Blu-ray Player

HK$ 2,890


3D Blu-ray Player

HK$ 2,390


3D Blu-ray Player

HK$ 1,990


Blu-ray Player

HK$ 990


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