Samsung Presents New 4K 3D Blu-ray Player and 2.1 Channel AirTrack

Mar 19, 2013

Samsung Presents New 4K 3D Blu-ray Player and 2.1 Channel AirTrack

Making the Ultimate in Sound and Picture a Reality

Brand New Samsung Audio and Video Products Offer Consumers Top-end Experience


Hong Kong 19 March 2013 – Samsung Electronics HK Co. Ltd., a global leader in consumer electronics, has launched a new series of Blu-ray players and 2.1 channel AirTrack systems, including BD-F7500, Samsung’s first 4k Ultra High Definition 3D Blu-ray player; BD-F6500, a 3D Blu-ray player with built-in wireless network that supports the latest Smart Hub functionality; BD-F5500, a 3D Blu-ray player with a brand new external design and BD-F5100, a slim Blu-ray player; HW-F751, a 2.1 channel AirTrack with built-in vacuum tube amplifier, HW-F551, a 2.1 channel AirTrack that plays 3D surround sound with maximum output up to 310W and HW-F450, a 2.1 channel AirTrack that supports Bluetooth wireless connection to TVs. With its diverse line-up of 4K UHD and Full HD products, Samsung offers consumers the ultimate in audio-visual video entertainment experience.


Ms Sindy Leon, Senior Manager, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics HK Co Ltd., said, “Having introduced the use of vacuum tube amplifiers for superlative audio quality, Samsung has again taken visual enjoyment to a new level by offering 4K UHD 3D Blu-ray Player. As a world leader in consumer electronics, Samsung is committing to offering diverse innovative technologies to enhance home entertainment for consumers.”



BD-F7500 – 4K 3D Blu-ray Player

Samsung BD-F7500 is equipped with 4K image upscale technology that quadruples FHD images to the UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160, allowing users to enjoy the most detailed visual experience. BD-F7500 also features a number of Samsung’s unique Smart technologies, including the enhanced Smart Hub function that improves user experience by brand new user interface which categorized different contents into three main panels for easier navigation. TV Apps: group all TV applications together to allow more convenient browsing and interaction; Photo, Video and Music: allow access and share all media files anytime anywhere; Social: enable users to conveniently log onto social media networks such as Facebook so they can closely follow the hottest topics and their friends’ latest news. All in all, the enhanced Smart Hub lets users fully utilise their large TV screen to easily access diverse information and entertainment.


Through AllShare, BD-F7500 users can share all kinds of audio-visual information easily, stream videos, photos and music to compatible electronic devices, as well as upload and download the content anywhere. Through the Blu-ray player “Screen mirroring” function, users can also display images showing in their smartphone, onto the TV screen, making it possible for them to enjoy online information and videos on a much bigger screen.


BD-F7500 is equipped with a Dual Core Processor, with high speed computing power that delivers much smoother internet surfing, so users can readily enjoy their favourite content via Smart Hub. In terms of appearance, BD-7500 features an elegant, metallic case design that befits Samsung TV products.


BD-F6500 - 3D Blu-ray Player

BD-F6500 3D Blu-ray Player supports playing FHD Blu-ray discs and 1080p Up-scaling, providing a high-end visual experience. BD-F6500 is equipped with Smart Hub, simultaneously allowing users to enjoy 3D blu-ray movies and a content-rich Smart Hub experience. The player’s built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with pre-installed web browser lets users stay abreast of the latest global trend. Featuring a dual core processor, BD-F6500 offers smooth web browsing and content access via Smart Hub.


Functions like 0.5 second quick start mode, ConnectShare USB videos and AllShare function all enable BD-F6500 users to effortlessly share information with other devices. The BD-F6500’s plump design, with rounded edges, can add a sense of style to home decor.



BD-F5500 - 3D Blu-ray Player

Samsung BD-F5500 3D Blu-ray Player is similar to BD-F6500 in supporting FHD 3D Blu-ray discs and 1080p Up-scaling. The BD-F5500’s built-in TV Apps offer instant connections to YouTube and Facebook. With the help of the built-in DLNA support, BD-F6500 can wirelessly access photos and videos from a personal computer for displaying on the big screen, providing a significantly enhanced entertainment experience. As well, ‘0.5 second quick start mode’ lets users turn on the device instantly so they can watch Blu-ray discs without wasting a second. Through ConnectShare USB video capability, users can view video clips stored in external USB hard disks.


BD-F5100 - Blu-ray Player

Samsung BD-E5100 Blu-ray player is both function-rich and eco-friendly, offering power consumption as low as 0.3W; 0.5 second quick start mode and fast reading capability; support for Blu-rays, DVDs and different file formats such as MKV, HD JPEG and Divx HD, eliminating the need for conversions before playing various types of video files. BD-F5100 features 1080p up-scaling technology, providing both high definition images and YouTube access, allowing users to browse online video clips at all times. The slim design of BD-F5100 is only 270mm wide – saving valuable space. Through its ConnectShare USB video capability, users can watch video clips stored in external USB hard disks.

In addition to the new series of Blu-ray Players, Samsung is also launching a new series of new 2.1 channel AirTrack systems, including:



HW-F751 – With Built-in Vacuum Tube Amplifier

Samsung HW-F751 2.1 channel AirTrack is equipped with a hybrid vacuum tube digital amplifier system, combining the acuity and clarity of digital amplifiers and the warm, lush sound typical of vacuum tubes. HW-F751 uses vacuum tubes for its pre-amplifier with Multi-feedback and adopts digital audio output technology for a pleasing and sweet tone, offering users a natural and perfect sound quality that meets the standards of audiophiles.


In addition, HW-F751 supports 3D Sound Plus and vertical sound technology, under digital signal processing, the Air Track produces 3D sound effect with depth and a sense of space, offering an authentic in-home 3D theatre experience.


HW-F751 is also equipped with a unique 6-axias sensor system that detects whether the AirTrack is in wallmount or table stand position, such that the respective output of the 12 speaker units would be automatically adjusted to optimize listening experience. As well, the front speaker and the subwoofer are connected wirelessly, eliminating the need to use wires and offering a cleaner appearance. And with the help of Soundshare* , HW-F751 can be connected to the TV via Bluetooth without using HDMI or optical fibre cables, again easing installation and offering a cleaner look. The system uses Samsung HD codec to ensure sound quality despite the use of wireless connection. What is more, users can use Samsung TV’s remote control to turn on/off the AirTrack and adjust the volume, making operation exceptionally convenient.


HW-F751 supports diverse audio input connections, not only allowing users to connect their smartphones to AirTrack via Bluetooth, but also enables AirTrack to connect to multiple devices via HDMI (supporting ARC) and optic fibre cables, ensuring users can enjoy the ultimate audio experience whether watching movies or TV, playing video games or listening to CD.


HW-F751’s silver, metallic appearance is simple yet elegant, which matches perfectly with the new TV design, making the leading-edge audio-visual entertainment system truly a work of art for the home.



HW-F551 & HW-F450 – 2.1 channel AirTrack

Samsung is also releasing another two 2.1 channel AirTracks, namely, HW-F551 and HW-F450, with maximum power output of 310W and 280W respectively. For both HW-F551 and HW-F450, the front speaker connects with the subwoofer wirelessly, simplifying both the installation process and the appearance of the system. Both systems support 3D Sound Plus and Crystal Amplifier Pro, producing 3D sound effects with depth and a sense of space. With the help of Soundshare*, users can use Samsung TV’s remote control to control the on/off and volume of the AirTrack, and both AirTrack models can be linked to TVs via Bluetooth connection for sound sharing without using HDMI or optic fibre cables, enhancing the convenience of installation and their overall appearance. HW-F551 and HW-F450 are available in metalic silver and black respectively.


*Only applicable for selected Samsung smart TV models




Suggested Retail Price


4K 3D Blu-ray Player

HK$ 2,590


3D Blu-ray Player

HK$ 1,990


3D Blu-ray Player

HK$ 1,590


Blu-ray Player

HK$ 890


2.1 channel AirTrack with built-in vacuum tube amplifiers

HK$ 5,490


2.1 channel AirTrack

HK$ 3,490


2.1 channel AirTrack

HK$ 2,490



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