[CSR] Samsung Rewards Ten Outstanding Students of Korean Studies at City University

November 20, 2008

[CSR] Samsung Rewards Ten Outstanding Students of Korean Studies at City University
For the second year in a row, Samsung has awarded students of Hong Kong’s first Bachelor-level Korean Studies course with financial scholarships

on Nov 20, 2008



Hong Kong, November 19, 2008 – Continuing its support for higher education in Hong Kong, Samsung presented 10 students of Hong Kong’s first Bachelor’s degree programme with specialization in Korean Studies with financial scholarships today at an award ceremony held jointly with City University of Hong Kong (CityU).



The BA (Hons) in Language Studies (Korean) programme at CityU’s Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics (CTL) was established to meet a growing interest in Korean culture among young people in Hong Kong. Through intensive training, the programme encourages students to immerse themselves in Korean culture and language.



This year the number of recipients doubled compared to last year, indicating the increasing quality of students. To receive the $10,000 scholarship, each candidate had to submitt a project on “If I were a cultural ambassador of Korea” to a panel of Korean experts. Their mastery of Korean culture, creative ideas and presentation skills earned them the scholarship.


“Samsung has always been a strong supporter of educational development. We are delighted to share our Korean heritage and cultural knowledge with new generations of talented individuals such as these students from CityU,” said Mr Brian Kim, President of Samsung Electronics Hong Kong. “They are our future, and will surely help build closer ties between Hong Kong and Korea and greatly benefit to both societies.”

Since first receiving Samsung’s support last year, CityU's BA (Hons) in Language Studies (Korean) programme has attracted much interest from among students, and we are very appreciative of the role Samsung Electronics Hong Kong has played. This year 10 students were rewarded for their outstanding work, and we look forward to seeing this number grow, as the years ahead are sure to see greater demand for Korean experts in Hong Kong,” said Professor Jonathan Webster, Head of Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics of CityU.

“CityU has been striving to nurture community leaders that meet market needs and our academic programmes emphaize both classroom learning and practical training,” added Professor Webster.

Scholarship recipients have expressed the view that pursuing Korean Studies made them more optimistic about their future career. As Hong Kong and Korea will be more closely linked in the future, by gaining a greater understanding of Korean culture now they not only become the ambassadors of Korean culture here in Hong Kong but will also be more confident in finding careers with Korean companies.

About Samsung Academic Contribution

As a responsible global corporate citizen, Samsung is driven to contribute, promote and support public-interest activities that include academic advancement. As such, Samsung has embarked on a series of educational outreaches that has resulted in great success. These include financial sponsorship of students for the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) of Hong Kong’s first Bachelor’s degree program in Korean Studies, sponsorship of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) first electronic design competition that challenges students’ creativity of inventing their digital lifestyle and sponsoring The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s market studies on electronic purchases and usage patterns. In addition, Samsung has been offering concurrent internships to five local university students wanting to learn and broaden their exposure to international business best practices.

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