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The long-awaited flagship smartphone arrives in Hong Kong

Samsung GALAXY S III allows users to experience the real humanized smartphone


Designed for human, inspired by nature


HONG KONG – May 30, 2012 - Samsung Electronics Hong Kong Co., Ltd, a leading global mobile phone provider, has officially launched the most anticipated, new generation flagship smartphone GALAXY S III in Hong Kong, bringing smart life to the next level. The design of Samsung GALAXY S III is inspired by nature, displaying the most humanized features. GALAXY S III integrates technology into our lives, truly understands the needs of users, and allows them to share every memorable moment.



Yiyin Zhao, Product Marketing Director of Samsung Electronics, commented, “Samsung GALAXY S III represents another important milestone for Samsung’s technological innovation, combining superior hardware and a number of original, humanized software design, which allows digital technology to be closer to life. Additionally, GALAXY S III is equipped with quad-core processor, with fast and smooth multitasking function that marks the new generation of technology process. GALAXY S III’s design is human-based and user-centric. Not only do we bring this innovative product to our users, we also understand their true needs, creating a brand new user experience for them.”



The design of Samsung GALAXY S III is inspired by nature, infusing the gentle curve on the phone’s design to provide comfort and rich grip. The unique designed pebble blue and marble white for GALAXY S III allow life to be extended to technology and redefines the standard of beauty of smartphones.


GALAXY S III adopts the 4.8-inch SUPER AMOLED 16:9 HD screen, and uses the new generation of Gorilla® Glass II ultra-thin scratch-resistant glass. In addition to enhance the hardness of the screen, it also delivers realistic and clear viewing pleasure. With the thin border design, it provides a broader HD visual enjoyment. GALAXY S III is equipped with the powerful 1.4GHz quad-core processor, and also run the Android v4.0.4 operating system. With Samsung’s unique TouchWiZ user interface, it provides speedy browsing and groundbreaking efficient multitasking experience.


In addition, GALAXY S III also comes with a variety of innovative features, including:

  • · Pop up play: Allows user to fully utilize the 4.8-inch screen and superior quad-core processor to enjoy the fun. Through the picture-in-picture function, user can play video and run other activities / applications simultaneously and smoothly, for example, replying text messages, checking e-mails or browsing the web without closing or restarting the video.
  • · Intelligent Camera: GALAXY S III has a 800 megapix camera, with zero-lag shutter speed,  which allows the user to capture moving objects. User can also take pictures while video recording. With the ‘Burst shot’ function that instantly captures 20 continuous shots, and the ‘Best photo’ feature that selects the best of eight photographs, GALAXY S III has the most thoughtful camera functions and allows user to capture every precious moment.



Each of the innovative features of GALAXY S III are designed to cater to users’ true needs, providing a more humanized and convenient user experience, greatly enhancing the interaction between the user and the phone, and building rapport between the two for the first time.

  • · Smart Stay: Uses the front camera to detect the user’s eyes. For example, when the user is reading e-book or browsing the web with GALAXY S III, Smart Stay detects the user’s eyes and keeps the mobile phone screen light on. The user does not have to restart the screen, which brings convenience to user experience.
  • · Direct Call: Whether the user is using text message, or reading the call history and contact information, simply lift the phone to the ear without pressing any buttons and Direct call will dial the recipient’s number.
  • · Smart Alert: GALAXY S III will vibrate to notify missed calls or messages when picked up after being idle, just like a personal assistant.
  • · Social Tag: User can easily follow friends’ latest status and link their pictures with their social network. When the setting is done, you will be able to check their most updated news when browsing their pictures.
  • · S Voice: The user can control the smartphone via using English voice command, for example, tell GALAXY S III to turn on and set the alarm, turn the Wi-Fi on or off, and start camera functions etc.



The Samsung GALAXY S III is more than a personal device that can be enjoyed by one user - it wants you to share and experience smartphone benefits with family and friends, regardless of where you are. With the new ‘S Beam,’ the user can instantly connect with friends and share documents, contacts, photos, music and videos through NFC and Wi-Fi Direct by simply placing the back of the phone to another GALAXY S III.


GALAXY S III also displays the fun of digital life through photo sharing. “Buddy Photo” Share recognizes friends’ face in pictures and can automatically tag their names accordingly, and can instantly share it with other friends in the picture. The user can even share multimedia files through AllShare Play and other device to share multimedia files. Through DLNA and Wi-Fi Direct wireless connections, user can remotely share/edit documents or multimedia files, even managing work amongst different devices.


Featured Service and Apps on Samsung Apps

Samsung GALAXY SIII allows its users to enjoy more smart features than other Android smart phone users; users can now enjoy exclusive apps available for Samsung users at the Samsung App store. Some of the featured apps and exclusive Apps available at the Samsung Apps store include:


  • · SOLITON on Samsung: Samsung users can enjoy a 14-day exclusive free trial and enjoy 15% off monthly subscription for first 6 months of purchase (Original monthly subscription fee is HKD49.00). SOLITON provides a cross platform music service, allowing users to access unlimited streaming, download and listen to a library of over 1 million Chinese, Western, Japanese, and Korean songs. Its voice recognition system allows you to search for a song by speaking the lyrics or the artist’s name. SOLITON also has inbuilt social networking functions, allowing music lovers to share their favourite music between friends and even celebrities.
  • · now SPORTS Soccer: Android version is available on the Samsung Apps for free, Samsung users can enjoy 3 months priority download exclusively. now SPORTS provides exclusive soccer game footage that is on time, updated, and free, and also exclusive live streaming of monthly featured matches. The embedded timeline feature allows users to watch matches around the clock and gives users the ability to search the most updated news on soccer. In addition, it includes expert commentaries, pre match analysis and post match reports. Real time updates on match results and scoreboard allows users to be updated by the latest rankings. Also, the embedded “My Team” function and major game alert reminds usersto enjoy their favorite team’s events. now SPORTS offers 4 live steaming matches including Opening Tournament and Euro Cup during Euro 2012 on mobile – users can now be alerted with Euro 2012 and other matches around the globe 24/7.
  • · NM+ eMag Lite: Android version is available on the Samsung Apps for free, Samsung users can enjoy 3 months priority download exclusively. This is the Hong Kong’s strongest e-magazine with interactive features, including : “Trendy things at 360 degrees” which allows users to take a first peek on the newest products’ make and features, “the trendy button” allows image to slide according to the shaking by users, it also allows users to watch previews of movies and enjoy fractures of the newest music, as well as access website and short films through a URL directly.


Moreover, Google Play has over 400,000 applications for users to enjoy the full capacity of the Samsung GALAXY S III. Users can log-in to their account, for example Google+, Google Search™, Voice Search™, GTalk™, YouTube™, Gmail™ and Google Maps™.



Availability and suggest retail price

Samsung GALAXY S III is officially available tomorrow. The suggested retail price of Samsung GALAXY S III is HKD 5,598. Customers can purchase Samsung GALAXY S III at Samsung Brandshop, located at Causeway Bay Time Square, and major contributing retailers, as well as designated Samsung counters at Lane Crawford retailers (Tsim Sha Tsui Canton Road, Admiralty Pacific Place and Central IFC branches). The marble white version is available now, while the pebble blue will be available in June.


For details of Samsung smartphone and tablet, please visit, or contact Samsung customer service hotline at (852) 3698 4698. 



About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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