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The Launch of the Flagship Samsung New Series 9


Incredibly ThinImpeccably Crafted


HONG KONG, June 5, 2012 – Samsung Electronics Hong Kong, world leader in consumer electronics and information technology, launched their new flagship thin and impeccably crafted new Series 9. The new Series 9 notebook is designed to continue to lead the market with its incredibly thin and impeccably crafted design by using the latest third generation Intel i7 processor. It is the world’s thinnest 13-inch and 15-inch notebook, fulfilling the needs of consumers who look for high performance and high quality products.



Samsung Electronics Hong Kong’s Director of Strategic Group, Eric Lau, says, “Samsung launched its first Series 9 last year as the world’s thinnest notebook, and it has been highly praised by consumers. Immediately after that, Samsung continues to work on our pace of innovative technology to strive on creating a more sophisticated notebook. Today, Samsung once again launched the New Series 9 notebook and provides both 13-inch and 15-inch for consumers to choose from. The new Series 9 is built upon Samsung’s newest technology and craftsmanship, especially designed for those who are in the pursuit of perfection and quality.”



The World’s Thinnest
Samsung New Series 9 attracts its consumers with its unparalleled design that speaks incredibly thin and impeccably crafted. The body shell is made of 100% aluminum with a matte surface that is comfortable to touch. Coupled with Samsung Engineer’s imaginative design, its screen, memory space, cooling fan and other components can be delicately placed within its thin shell, all together embodying the newest design of Series 9. Series 9 13-inch model (900X3C) is only 12.9mm in thickness and 1.16kg in weight; the 15-inch model (900X4C) is only 14.9 mm in thickness and weighs only 1.65kg. Together, the two becomes the world’s thinnest notebooks of their class size.


In addition, the New Series 9 is a continuation of the last series’ stylish and chic design by introducing a new streamlined design to create a fresh look that caters to the elite taste of professionals.



Infusing Advanced Technology
The Samsung New Series 9 uses a combination of advanced technology which brings notebooks to another era. The 15-inch Series 9 uses MaxScreen technology to install a 15-inch LED HD+ screen through its ultra-thin screen border, transforming traditional 14-inch models with a larger screen capacity. This new technology enables the 15-inch New Series 9 to become lighter than other notebooks of the same size; in other words, it also differentiates itself from traditional 14-inch notebooks by having up to an additional of 1-inch screen, while at the same time maintaining its thin and on-the-go style. This technology not only allows its screen to display clearer and larger texts than traditional 14-inch notebooks, but also provides users with a broader, higher quality and enjoyable visual experience.


On the other hand, the Samsung New Series 9 adopts the Anti-aging battery technology, allowing up to 10 hours of usage on their 15-inch notebook while offering up to 7.3 hours of usage on its 13-inch notebook (the figures are based on MobileMark benchmark results and battery backup time may vary according to the use of different applications and network environment), therefore users do not need to carry the AC adapter at all times. Moreover, to offer a more sustainable and durable experience for notebook users, this technology also prevents the battery from aging; battery life remains at 70% of its capacity after 1,500 charging cycles.


One of the features of this new notebook is its speed. The Samsung New Series 9 is equipped with a 256GB SSD shockproof hard drive along with Samsung’s exclusive Fast Start technology. The new notebook can be switched on within 8 seconds, and can enter operating status from sleep mode within 1.4 seconds. Without having to sit and wait for the notebook to be switched on, the notebook is now more convenient and is more effective on its energy saving level.


The Samsung New Series 9 also features its new monitor display. The new product is furnished with an LED HD+ screen display with up to 400nit brightness, which is up to two times brighter than an average display (220nit). At the same time, unlike an average display that supports 260,000 colors, the Samsung New Series 9 supports 16 million colors and HD+ resolution (1600 x 900) and has an anti-glare design that can reduce light reflection. By offering a superior and high quality visual experience, users can now enjoy the Samsung New Series 9 both indoor and outdoor, and enjoy richer, more vivid, clearer and more realistic videos and images.


An Intelligent Notebook Experience
Samsung Series 9 comes with a number of smart and thoughtful features, striving to allow users to experience major improvements in just a few small changes. The new product is equipped with a backlit keyboard and display screen that can intelligently adjust its brightness based on the user’s background environment. On one hand, this can save users the time to go through complicated settings and allow users to enjoy the same level of visual experience in any environment; it is also environmentally friendly by reducing electricity consumption.

In addition, Samsung Series 9 pampers its users with an extra-large touch pad that supports a wide range of gesture commands, coupled with 3D imaging touch technology that can increase its touch sensor while reducing sensor error. The touch pad can also sense a variety of gesture commands that allow users to work without having to manually touch the ClickPad, which in turn enhances work productivity.


Availability and Price
The Samsung New Series 9 13-inch (900X3C) and 15-inch (900X4C) is available on 8 June for purchase. The suggested retail price is HKD $13,780 and HKD $13,980 respectively.


For more information on Samsung’s notebooks, please visit or call the Samsung Customer Service Hotline at +852 3968 4698.


About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2011 consolidated sales of US$143.1 billion. Employing approximately 206,000 people in 197 offices across 72 countries, the company operates two separate organizations to coordinate its nine independent business units: Digital Media & Communications, comprising Visual Display, Mobile Communications, Telecommunication Systems, Digital Appliances, IT Solutions, and Digital Imaging; and Device Solutions, consisting of Memory, System LSI and LED. Recognized for its industry-leading performance across a range of economic, environmental and social criteria, Samsung Electronics was named the world’s most sustainable technology company in the 2011 Dow Jones Sustainability Index. For more information, please visit