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Experience the true meaning of Smart Freedom with

GALAXY Note3’s best companion, GALAXY Gear


Experience a true GALAXY experience
through readily available right by your wrist


Hong Kong – September 17, 2013 – Samsung Electronics introduced the GALAXY Gear today, the perfect companion device that allows users to experience a true GALAXY experience into everyday life. Samsung GALAXY Gear comes with a 1.63-inch Super AMOLED 320 x 320 screen and is a polished smart device tailored to consumer’s stylish taste, technological desire and the need to connect to the world in one single premium accessory. This companion accessory frees users from the urge to constantly check their smart devices, so users can now stay connected whenever and wherever they are, while at the same be able to live the moment.


“The Samsung GALAXY Gear is a testament to Samsung’s ongoing leadership in introducing new, exciting, inciting, and innovative devices to our consumers. This new wearable technology is for those who want to truly make a difference in their daily lives and enhance it by making day to day routines easier and more enjoyable. The most integrating part of Samsung GALAXY Gear is that it bridges the gap between your mobile device and fashion world by offering a sleek design wearable technology that does not spell geeky, but modern,” said Yiyin Zhao, Director of Telecom Business, Samsung Electronics Hong Kong Limited.



Be able to communicate freely, hands-free

Samsung GALAXY Gear comes with a built-in speaker that allows users to conduct hands-free calls directly from your wearable device, so users can now stay connected with their mobile connections without having to free their hands from other important tasks. For example, users can now be running furiously to catch their next bus but still be able to make an important phone call without touching the screen. Users can also activate their camera, take photos, draft massages, create new calendar entries, set alarms and check the weather on Samsung GALAXY Gear with magical assistant of S Voice.



Be notified instantly and experience the freedom of being on mobile

Users can now work freely and live in the moment without having to worry that they have missed an important call, text, email or alert. Samsung GALAXY Gear can notify its users of any incoming messages and offers a preview screen for users to either accept or ignore these messages. When users spot an incoming message that requires more than just a quick glance, simply pick up your Samsung GALAXY device and the Smart Relay feature will instantly show the full content of the incoming message on the screen of your mobile device.


Capture the moment as easy as picking up your wrist

Samsung GALAXY Gear is not only a functional device that controls your smart device, it can also capture life’s meaningful moments that happen in just split seconds. The Memographer comes with a 1.9 Megapixel camera that allows users to snap photos or record videos on the move, making it easier to capture and share their daily activities or even special moments on their social networks. Not only can life’s canvas be captured on screen, Voice Memo also lets users record important thoughts and conversation conveniently at their wrists. The voice recordings can then be saved and transferred into text onto their Samsung GALAXY devices.


Other features

The Samsung GALAXY Gear also offers users the benefit of enjoying a wide range of favorite feature from their GALAXY device. This includes:


    • Auto Lock: It automatically secures your companion phone when the GALAXY Gear is more than 1.5 meters away from the smartphone, and unlocks it again when it gets closer


    • Find My Device: It helps users locate their smart devices by beeping, illuminating and vibrating


    • Music Control: Users can now control music played on their Samsung GALAXY devices, and even browse, play and pause songs even when their smart devices is not within reach


  • Pedometer: It can help users track their physical activities via enhanced, built-in sensor technology. It tracks key personal data such as calories burned, steps taken and distance covered


Samsung Featured Apps

GALAXY Gear allows users to download its applications on Samsung Apps through Gear Manager, in which the following applications are available:


    • Personal healthcare applications: These apps, such as RunKeeper and Runtastic etc, allow users to record and manage their exercise journey and health conditions. Users can also use the built-in Pedometer on their GALAXY Gear where three different levels of training options are available. When users are using the running exercise, the smart running coach will give different instructions to guide users towards an appropriate running speed to help improve their health efficiently. In addition, the data collected on the Pedometer could also be transferred onto S Health and a daily health analysis will then be generated.


    • Instant messaging applications: These include apps like ChatOn, Line and WeChat. When users receive a message, GALAXY Gear will vibrate and reveal the content of the message. Users can use the voice command on GALAXY Gear to reply messages immediately. This makes chatting even more convenient.


  • Designer watch surface applications: Users can choose from a wide collection of watch surfaces ranging from vintage watch designs to modern neon digital displays. After downloading the applications, users can customize their GALAXY Gear watch surface in a way that best fits their mood, occasion and style through the Gear Manager.


In addition, the latest and hottest apps are available for download on Samsung Apps.  Users can now extend the functions of Samsung GALAXY and achieve endless possibilities. To find out more about exclusive deals and offers on Samsung Apps, please visit:


Availability and Suggested Retail Price

Samsung GALAXY Note3 comes in Black, Beige, Gray, Rose Gold, Orange. It is available for purchase on 25th September. The suggested retail price is HK$2,498.


For more detailed information, please visit or contact Samsung customer service hotline at (852) 3698 4698.


SAMSUNG GALAXY Gear – (V7000) Specifications:

Special Features


  •  Hands-free Call

  Memographer: Easily record video and take photos

  •   Notifications (e.g. missed calls, emails, etc.)
  •   S Voice: Voice command, Set alarm, Check weather
  •   1.63 inch (41.4mm) Super AMOLED (320 x 320)
  •   Pedometer

Operating Platform***

 Android v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)


 36.8 (L) x 56.6 (W) x 11.1 (D) mm


 73.8 g


 1.63” Super AMOLED Display (320 x 320)


 800MHz Single Core Processor


  •  Internal Memory: 4GB
  •  • 512MB RAM


 Black, Beige, Gray, Rose Gold, Orange

Battery Time*

  •  • 315 mAh
  •   Standby Time: 150 hrs


 1.9 MP Auto Focus Camera

Internet Tool

 Samsung Apps



 v 4.0 (BLE)

▲ Actual available memory for end user usage may vary due to phone pre-configuration

+ For reference only, please check with our staff for details.

* The talk time and stand-by time are approximate. Performance of the battery is subject to the network, signal strength, function, selection and profile.

# Stereo Bluetooth is only applicable to specific headsets.

*** Please visit for more information on the latest operation system.



  • The availability of each Samsung Hub and Google service may differ by country.
  • All functionality, features, specifications, and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.


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