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Samsung Launches New UHD TV F9000 Series

Future UHD, Ready Today

Featuring the brand new Quadmatic Picture Engine for

Ultra High-Definition 4K display,

enhanced Smart Interaction and premium slim design

Discover True Details


Hong Kong – 29 Aug 2013 Samsung Electronics HK Co. Ltd., a global leader in consumer electronics, is committed to bringing the latest and the highest TV resolution and offering innovative technologies to enhance the smart lifestyle of consumers, and this time, presenting the Ultra High-Definition (UHD) TV F9000, which comes with 55” and 65”, to consumers who enjoy lifelike details.


Mr. Norm Chow, Director, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics HK Co Ltd., said, “after the massive success we have in launching the 85’’ S9, Samsung’s first UHD TV product, Samsung carries on the momentum to expand the UHD TV product portfolio by introducing F9000 series, allowing more users to enjoy the ultimate UHD picture quality by the wide range of advanced Samsung technologies.”



Ultimate Picture Quality

Samsung continues to bring the latest and the highest TV resolution to consumers, having an ultra-clear 4K display with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 which is 4 times the resolution of Full HD TVs, delivering detailed and sharp pictures.


On top of the ultra HD panel, Samsung also introduces the Samsung exclusive Quadmatic Picture Engine to create true detail, since it enhances four core factors of picture quality including sharpness, brightness, contrast and detail. In order to do so, the Quadmatic Picture Engine consists of 4 elements, namely 4-step up-scaling technology, customized UHD panel, state-of-the-art Micro Dimming technology, and advanced image processors, each enhances one corresponding factor and bring together to deliver eye-pleasing lifelike images.

  • -   4-step up-scaling technology – Sharper Images: Up-converts low resolution content to UHD-level picture quality through detection, noise reduction, up-scaling and enhancement. It also automatically detects the resolution of content and adapts the most suitable up-scaling algorithm to create true shape images.

  • -   Customized UHD panel – Brighter Pictures: F9000 adopts Samsung Display’s panel, which penetrates light more efficiently and delivers brighter pictures.

  • -   State-of-the-art Micro Dimming Technology – Deeper Black: With the Micro Dimming Technology, F9000 offers users a rich and delicate viewing pleasure by dividing the screen into blocks and enhances the contrast, colour and detail of each block. Together with the Ultra Clear Panel and Precision Black Technology, through LED local dimming, contrast is thereby corrected to produce deeper blacks and purer whites, delivering true unrivaled contrast.

  • -   Advanced image processors – Defined Details: Last but not least, Samsung UHD TV delivers UHD quality from the source to viewers’ eyes. The advanced image processors of Samsung UHD TV reproduces UHD content in real UHD quality without downgrading, delivering ultra-clear and promising detailed images.


To reaffirm the excellence of Samsung UHD TV since S9, which received picture qualify certificates this year, the Samsung F9000 has also obtained certifications in recognizing its UHD TV picture quality from the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in the United States, Intertek in the United Kingdom and TUV Rheiland in Germany. The authorities tested the TVs on its picture quality through a variety of factors, including color representation, luminance uniformity, viewing angle and resolution. Now, the entire Samsung UHD TV product line-up is globally recognized and certified for its superior picture quality.


On top of it all, Samsung UHD TV also provides high-quality sound experience by delivering 70W powerful and clear sound from built-in speakers and woofers, ensuring dynamic sound reproduction along with ultra-clear picture quality viewing experience.



Future Proof UHD TV

Samsung UHD TV F9000 is currently the only future proof TV in the market that can adopt future UHD resolution standards. Thanks to the Evolution Kit, it enables UHD TV users to enjoy the latest smart features and services. Although the UHD broadcasting standard details are yet to be confirmed, compatibility issues could be easily solved by Evolution Kit upgrade in the future, providing solutions for upcoming UHD standards such as new connectivity and broadcasting standards. This feature, unique to the Samsung UHD TV at this moment, promises users the potential to enjoy the latest future technology.


Slim Metal Design

The new Samsung UHD TV F9000 continues the brand’s tradition of incorporating an ultra-slim bezel design which provides a total immersion as well as a premium look. Not only is the half-moon metal stand that is almost invisible from the front, the slim depth of F9000 is merely 39.3mm (55”) and 40.7mm (65”). The slick-covered camera pops up with a slight touch when needed and can be return to its discreet position easily, offering a perfectly smooth appearance to the overall design.


Apart from the slim look it gives you from the front and from the side, the F9000 promises to give you a complete premium minimal look from every angle even from the back. All cables and external devices are connected via ‘One Connect’ instead of being directly connected to TV to combat clutter. ‘One Connect’ and TV are connected through one single cable, offering a clean, neat, and simple overall appearance.


Enhanced Smart Interaction & Smart Hub Interface

Samsung has revolutionised the interaction between users and their TVs with Smart Interaction last year, making TV viewing more pleasant and convenient by letting users control the TV with voice and motion. This year, Samsung further enhanced Smart Interaction with more comprehensive functionalities. For example, users can adjust the audio volume simply by saying “Volume 20”. Users can also easily input text into social networks, web browser, or other apps in SMART TV by speaking into the built-in microphone in the SMART TV or Smart Touch Remote Control.


In addition, thanks to a reinforced motion control system, users just only need to wave their palm to flip pages in Smart Hub; users can also “Like” internet contents with their Facebook accounts and share among friends by making a thumbs-up gesture. The motion control system supports two-handed motion control as well, allowing users to enlarge or shrink the viewing photos and rotate photos with minimal effort using both hands.


Samsung has reinvented the Smart Hub interface with added functions and improved user-friendliness including:

  • -   Apps: Browse all available apps in a single page within a glance, together with more than 30 recommended and downloaded local or global apps.

  • -   Photo, Video & Music: Retrieve and share multimedia information such as photos, videos, and songs from devices connected to SMART TV or stored in web storage space.

  • -   Social: View videos shared by family members and friends in Facebook or Twitter and to make interactions in a single page.


New SMART TV Accessories

Along with the release of new F9000, Samsung introduces a series of top-class SMART TV accessories, including the Smart Evolution Kit SEK-1000 that takes TV products into the upgradeable era, and Cyberbike - SMART TV Edition, the first fitness bike that interacts with your Samsung SMART TV.


Smart Evolution Kit

Honoring the promise of innovation to all consumers, Samsung introduces the Smart Evolution Kit to allow SMART TV customers in 2012 to enjoy the latest array of features and upgraded hardware performance. The new Smart Evolution Kit SEK-1000# designed specifically for 2012 SMART TV ES9000, ES8000, and ES7000 series, users only need to connect the Evolution Kit to the back of their SMART TV set in order to perform upgrades and enjoy the latest SMART TV
features including:

    • -   A reinvented Smart Hub with added features and user-interface improvements


  • -   New Smart Interaction including enhanced voice control supporting more commands and the brand new two-handed motion controls

  • -   An overall hardware performance upgrade from a dual core processor to a quad core processor



#Evolution Kit sold separately and it will enhance smart features to the levels of the corresponding year of launch of your Evolution Kit, and will continue to partially upgrade the software of your TV. Evolution Kit may not support certain apps and functions previously installed or available on your TV, including camera and other features.


Interactive Cyberbike - SMART TV Edition

Apart from the comprehensive set of smart features and superb audio and visual quality, Samsung is also committed to provide all-round wellness to its SMART TV users. Introducing the interactive Cyberbike, it is the first fitness bike that interacts with your Samsung SMART TV without having to plug a console or any external box.


Featured with pressure-sensitive seat and pedals with adjustable magnetic resistance, the Cyberbike is designed to fit every purpose. Users can download compatible games and fitness apps for free on their SMART TV to perform cardiovascular workout for calories burning, endurance improvement, or just to have fun with the popular games available on the Samsung SMART TV Apps Store, including:


  • -   TV cycle: Users can have fun exercise with TV cycle, while watching their favourite TV content and overlook their cycling progress at the same time. An overlay is displayed on top of regular TV channels showing real-time information from the Cyberbike, including speed, distance, calories burned, etc.

  • -   Cyberbike – SMART TV Edition: This is a fun fitness application for the whole family; users are able to ride some improbable and funny vehicles (like a bike with boosters or a mine trolley) through up to 7 races and 2 game modes. Users can also unlock numerous accessories to customize vehicles and equipments.

  • -   Ostrich Fury: Control an ostrich that has just had its eggs scattered by a fox, and go chase after them to get back.

  • -   Pop Star Run off: Get in the shoes of a pop star being chased by crazy fans in the streets of the city.


Last but not least the Cyberbike is now compatible with all 2013 Samsung SMART TVs, from

Series F5300 to F9000, making it the ideal instrument to complement Samsung SMART TVs.



Availability and Suggested Retail Price

The Samsung UHD TV F9000 series, 55’’ UA55F9000AJXZK and 65’’ UA65F9000AJXZK, is available for order from Sep 1, 2013. For details, please visit Samsung authorized retail stores. Suggested retail price and promotional offers as follow:



Screen Size

Suggested Retail Price

Promotional Offer



HKD 54,980

With purchase of F9000 (55”), customers can get

  • -  3D Blu-ray Player (with UHD 4K Upscaling)

   BD-F7500 for free (suggested retail price

   HK$ 2,590)

        • -  AirTrack HW-F551 (suggested retail price
        •    HK$3,490)



HKD 79,980

With purchase of F9000 (65”), customers can get

  • -  3D Blu-ray Player (with UHD 4K Upscaling)

   BD-F7500 for free (suggested retail price

   HK$ 2,590)

        • -  AirTrack HW-F751 (suggested retail price
        •    HK$5,490)


Samsung ES7000, ES8000 and ES9000 SMART TV users can now purchase Evolution Kit 2013 at a discounted price of HKD 1,490 (suggested retail price HKD 2,980) and receive a HKD 100 supermarket coupon as premium from 16 Sep to 31 Oct 2013.


Effective from 1 Sep, 2013, with purchase of selected Samsung SMART TV models, consumers can get the Cyberbike - SMART TV Edition for free (suggested retailed price HKD 2,088). Applicable models include F9000 (55”/65”), F8200 /F8000 (55”/65”/75”), F6400 (60”/65”/75”). Moreover, with only an addition of HKD 799, consumers can purchase the Cyberbike – SMART TV Edition with any purchase of all other 2013 SMART TV Series, including Series F7500, F6800, F6400, F5500 and F5300.


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