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Samsung Presents New Series of Flagship SMART TVs and UHD TV

Featuring 4K High-Definition Display, and Enhanced Voice and Motion Control

The most advanced TV experience ever


New Generation of SMART TV Accessories: Leading TVs into The Evolutionary Era With Brand New Smart Evolution Kit


Hong Kong16 April 2013 – Following the launch of SMART TV series last year which features voice control, motion control, and exceptional content, Samsung Electronics HK Co. Ltd., a global leader in consumer electronics, once again raises the bar for SMART TV experience by presenting a new generation of SMART TV series. The new series include the flagship lines F8000 and F7500, and the 4K Ultra High-Definition TV S9, all featuring new quad core processors, Smart Interaction, and Smart Hub for end-users who would appreciate the immense creativity from Samsung.


Ms Sindy Leon, Senior Manager, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics HK Co Ltd., said, “Samsung is committed to offering innovative technologies to enhance the smart lifestyle of consumers, thus launching the SMART TV series featuring Smart Interaction and exceptional content last year which gained extensive popularity and at the same time allowing us to maintain the greatest global market share for 7 consecutive years#. This year, Samsung introduces a new generation of SMART TV series with upgraded Smart Interaction functionality, supporting enhanced voice control, two-handed motion control, and advanced Smart Hub internet connectivity. In addition, Samsung also honoured the promise of innovation made last year by bringing the Smart Evolution Kit to 2012 SMART TV* consumers, allowing them to enjoy the newly introduced powerful features. We also believe that 4K UHD TV will be one of the upcoming market trends, therefore we also introduced an 85” 4K High Definition Display TV in this product release to enable users enjoy more realistic and eye-pleasing images on a larger screen.”


*Only applicable to ES9000, ES8000, and ES7000 series launched in 2012

#Source: Display Search 2006 – 2012

 Ultra HD TV S9


Enhanced Smart Interaction

Samsung has revolutionised the interaction between users and their TVs with Smart Interaction last year, making TV viewing more pleasant and convenient by letting users control the TV with voice and motion. This year, Samsung further enhanced Smart Interaction with more comprehensive functionalities. For example, users can adjust the audio volume simply by saying “Volume 20”, or switch to the desired TV channel by saying out the channel number without needing to use the remote control. Users can also easily input text into social networks, web browser, or other apps in SMART TV by speaking into the built-in microphone in the Smart Touch Remote Control.


In addition, thanks to a reinforced motion control system, users just only need to wave their palm to flip pages in Smart Hub or switch to the next photo when viewing photos within the photo album; users can also “Like” internet contents with their Facebook accounts and share among family members and friends by making a thumbs-up gesture. The motion control system supports two-handed motion control as well, allowing users to enlarge or shrink the viewing photos and rotate photos with minimal effort using both hands. Furthermore, Samsung has improved the face recognition system to support a maximum number of 5 faces to be recognized at the same time and a quicker log-in time to Smart Hub. The angle of view of the built-in camera extends to 60 degrees (horizontal) so more users can participate in Skype™ video calls.




Brand New Smart Hub Interface

Samsung has reinvented the Smart Hub interface with added functions and improved user-friendliness including:

  • - Apps: Browse all available apps in a single page within a glance, together with more than 30 recommended and downloaded local or global apps. Samsung has worked closely with Deltamac (HK) Co., Ltd. to launch its exclusive clickplay SMART TV App. Users now can watch full HD Hollywood movies and kids programmes on demand on SMART TV. Additionally, the clickplay SMART TV App supports cross-platform viewing under the same account. With the special bookmark function, users can record movies and enjoy them seamlessly on different devices such as SMART TVs, mobile devices and computers.
  • - Photo, Video & Music: Retrieve and share multimedia information such as photos, videos, and songs from devices connected to SMART TV or stored in web storage space.
  • - Social: View videos shared by family members and friends in Facebook or Twitter in a single page, with added functionality to make interactions to allow users become the star of social media through SMART TV.


Smart Evolution, Quad Core Processor

Aside from the multiple smart functions, the brand new Samsung flagship SMART TV F8000 and F7500 series also feature quad core processors, significantly boosting the multi-task processing power of the TV and enabling the full use of the large screen in different applications without sacrificing performance. Users can browse through playback history for quick access to a previous page or resuming paused video playback. The powerful processing power also allows the simultaneous playback of music, use of apps, and playback of television programs. The revamped multi-task processing power is guaranteed to bring users upgraded usability and overall user experience. Furthermore, the quad core processor has enhanced and increased the performance of voice and motion controls, while at the same time allowing users to download apps and multimedia contents at a faster rate.


On the other hand, Samsung flagship SMART TV F8000 and F7500 series supports Smart Evolution similar to their predecessors launched last year. Users only need to purchase the Smart Evolution Kit and plug it into the back of Samsung SMART TV under these two series for a quick features upgrade to instantly enjoy the latest offers from Samsung SMART TV, making Samsung SMART TV a evolutionary sustainable TV product.


* Smart Evolution Kit sold separately. Feature updates will be announced by Samsung on the year of launch.


Ultimate Picture Quality

In addition to the smart features, Samsung is also committed to making advancements in image display quality. This year, Samsung developed Intelligent Viewing, a cutting edge technology which automatically optimizes video playback quality to provide users a top-class viewing experience. Utilizing Samsung’s proprietary chip design, the Intelligent Viewing technology can automatically optimizes screen display and picks the most suitable playback mode and audio settings depending on the video source (e.g. digital, analog) or the genre of the TV program (e.g. movies, sports programs), providing users the perfect visual experience for maximum enjoyment.


The new Samsung SMART TV series also boast other advanced image quality optimization technologies which make use of the SMART TVs’ full potential to enhance viewing experience:


Cinema Black: Remarkably improves black levels and quality of subtitles, and at the same time automatically adjusts backlight brightness level according to dark areas shown on screen to elevate movie viewing experience.


Web Clear View: To enhance users’ web browsing experience with Samsung SMART TV, the Web Clear View feature analyzes text, images, and videos in websites independently using a brand new computing method, allowing the displayed screen to remain clean and sharp even when watching online streamed videos.


Micro Dimming Ultimate: Enhances picture quality with threefold adjustments – optimization of contrast, colors and details – offering viewers a rich and delicate viewing pleasure.

  • - Enhanced contrast: Contrast is corrected to produce deeper blacks and purer whites as well as eliminate halo effects for optimum clarity.
  • - Enhanced colours: Colours are perfectly rendered by dividing the screen into numerous blocks and adjusting the picture colour in each block.
  • - Enhanced details: Picture quality is greatly improved by correcting fuzzy lines to offer crystal clear images.


Clear Motion Rate: Further optimizes colour, contrast and motion picture quality to showcase full high definition smoothness and vividness even in the fastest scenes by simultaneously tracking the panel refresh rate, image processing speed and backlight technology. F8000 supports 1000Hz Clear Motion Rate (equivalent to displaying 1000 frames per second), while F7500 supports 800Hz Clear Motion Rate.


Apart from the multiple advancements made on image enhancing technologies and features, Samsung also made improvements to the audio quality of the SMART TVs. The brand new Samsung SMART TV F8000 has integrated 2.1 channel speakers with a maximum total output power of 40W for deeper bass and cinema-like surround sound effects. Regardless of the type of video played, the sound effects presented to users would make them feel like as if they are right in the middle of the scene.


Convergence - AllShare

Apart from the comprehensive set of smart features and superb audio and visual quality, the brand new Samsung SMART TVs have been added the newly invented AllShare functionalities so that users can share every golden moments with family members on full screen through Samsung SMART TV. This features:


  • - Smart View: Making the possible simultaneous playback on the SMART TV and mobile devices or playback of different contents on SMART TV and mobile devices respectively. For example, users can enjoy live sports TV program on SMART TV while another family member can watch HD movies in the Blu-Ray player connected to the SMART TV on a smartphone or tablet. All these revolutionary feature needed is a simple setup and every family member can gather while enjoying multimedia content to their liking.
  • - Content sharing: By entering the easy-to-use "Photo, Video, Music" interface in Smart Hub, multimedia content stored in devices connected to SMART TV such as smartphones and laptops can be easily browsed through or shared. The new SMART TV has added support for SugarSync, Dropbox, and Skydrive Web Storage services for quick access and sharing of multimedia stored in web storages through the SMART TVs.
  • - Screen Mirroring: Through the use of Wifi Direct technology, smartphones screen displaying game screens, photos, websites, and videos can be projected directly onto the screen of SMART TVs, easily sharing viewing pleasure with family and friends.


The Flagship Samsung SMART TVs with A Revolutionary Design and Technological Breakthroughs – F8000 and F7500 Series

The new Samsung SMART TV F8000 and F7500 series continues the brand’s tradition of incorporating an ultra-slim bezel design. The brand new slick-covered camera pops up with a slight touch when needed and can be return to its discreet position easily, offering a perfectly smooth appearance to the overall design.


The F8000 comes with an elegant design with a metallic silver finish. The ARC stand is nearly completely hidden when viewing from the front, almost creating an artistic illusion of the entire TV floating in mid-air. The simplistic connecting cable design eliminates cable hassles at the back, offering a clean, neat, and simple appearance. The F8000 is available in 55", 65", and 75" models. The F7500 comes with a posh design with a metallic silver finish. Having an ultra-slim bezel, the F7500 is available in 40", 46", and 55" models.


Samsung's First 85" 4K UHD SMART TV – S9

Samsung offers the next level of TV image quality by introducing the first 4K UHD SMART TV S9, having an ultra-clear display with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 which is 4 times the resolution of Full HD TVs. The S9's super-large screen is 85" in size, requiring a higher resolution than conventional TVs to increase details level. The S9 also features brand new UHD image engine capable of up-scaling Full HD videos to 4K UHD resolution using 4K up-scaling technology, delivering detailed and sharp pictures.


Featuring the Samsung Precision Black Pro technology, the S9 is able to deliver pictures with deeper, more realistic blacks and purer whites. Together with Micro Dimming Ultimate which intelligently optimizes contast, colour, and details, the S9 showcases unprecedented picture quality and presents users a detail-rich viewing experience that exceeds Full HD TVs.

At the same time, the S9 features a built-in camera, support for the latest and the most powerful Smart Interface, Smart Hub, Smart Evolution, and the celebrated 3DTV functionalities.


Apart from picture quality, the S9 promises to offer top-notch user experience and true multi-task processing power for every application with its outstanding audio system and high speed quad core processor. The featured 2.2 channel (3 Ways: left, center, right) plus dual subwoofer speaker system has a total output power of 120W, about 6 times greater than conventional TV systems, ensuring dynamic sound reproduction along with quality high definition viewing experience.


The design of the speakers in the S9 was inspired by Timeless Gallery exterior designs. The speakers were meticulously crafted to fit inside the bezel of the TV, giving the overall appearance a premium, floating-like look.


On top of it all, the S9 is ready for the future UHD broadcasting standards. Although the standard details are yet to be confirmed, compatibility issues could be easily solved by Smart Evolution Kit upgrade in the future, adding the latest UHD standard support to the S9. This feature, unique to the Samsung 4K UHD S9 at this moment, promises users the potential to enjoy the latest future technology.


New SMART TV Accessories

Along with the release of new SMART TV products, Samsung introduces a series of top-class SMART TV accessories, including the Smart Evolution Kit SEK-1000 that takes TV products into the upgradeable era, the lightweight 3D glasses SSG-5100GB/SSG-3570CR supporting quick charge and auto power on/off, and the Skype™-certified high definition TV camera VG-STC3000, ideal for motion controls and high definition video communication.


Smart Evolution Kit

Honoring the promise of innovation to all consumers, Samsung introduces the Smart Evolution Kit to allow SMART TV customers in 2012 to enjoy the latest array of features and upgraded hardware performance. Users only need to connect the new Smart Evolution Kit SEK-1000 designed specifically for SMART TV ES9000, ES8000, and ES7000 series manufactured in 2012 to the back of their SMART TV set in order to perform upgrades and enjoy the latest SMART TV features including:

  • - A reinvented Smart Hub with added features and user-interface improvements
  • - New Smart Interaction  including enhanced voice control supporting more commands and the brand new two-handed motion controls
  • - An overall hardware performance upgrade from a dual core processor to a quad core processor



High Definition Camera Supporting Motion Control

The Samsung high definition camera VG-STC3000 not only transforms Samsung SMART TV into a large screen display for video calls, but supports one-handed motion control and face recognition for smoother SMART TV operation at the same time. The new camera also helps prevent users from missing any precious moments of TV programs while making video calls with family and friends by splitting the screen display into two parts.


Samsung high definition TV camera VG-STC3000 is without doubt the ideal tool to match with Samsung SMART TVs for video calls given its premium quality – Skype™-certified audio and video, ensuring excellent performance on minimizing echo and noise, distant sound collection, and real imaging with great colours, auto white balance and dynamic range. Clear images are guaranteed by the built-in auto focus high definition camera, which supports 1280 x 720p recording with 30fps. In addition, two microphones are built in to ensure sound is well-captured without interference from background noises. The camera is also installed with a lens cover to protect the lens as well as users’ privacy by avoiding unwanted shooting.


With a dual hinge design to adjust the shooting angle, VG-STC3000 can be installed on top of the TV set without affecting the perfect design of the TV.



*One-handed Motion control only compatible with 2012 Samsung SMART TV models F6800, F6400, F5500


Quick Charging 3D Glasses with Auto Power On/Off Function

Samsung has specifically strengthened its active 3D glasses in view of their advantages over their conventional counterparts, including 1080P high definition 3D display, stable 3D images and wider viewing angle. Newly introduced to the market are two models of 3D glasses: SSG-3570CR and SSG-5100GB.


SSG-3570CR can be used for up to 40 hours with a quick charge of 30 minutes. Its ergonomic design and net weight of 29g makes for a comfortable wearing experience, with the nose supporting only half of the weight of the glasses. The glasses also support auto power on/off, which automatically turns off the glasses after the idling time is reached, an eco-friendly design that saves battery.



SSG-5100GB is a battery powered 3D active glasses sporting an ultra-long battery capacity of 150 hours. Made from light materials and a design combination of an innovative curved shape and flexible temple hinges, the SSG-5100GB has a great adjustable range to fit the face of users with different facial features.



4K UHD TV - S9
- 4K Resolution (3840 x 2160) / 4K image upscaling technology
- Smart Interaction (Voice Control, Motion Control, Face Recognition, TV Camera Built-in)
- Smart Evolution
- Smart Content
- Quad Core Processor
- Brand New Smart Hub Functionality
- Samsung Apps
- Web Browser
- AllShare Play Sharing Function
- Picture Quality:
- Intelligent Viewing
- 1200Hz Clear Motion Rate
- Micro Dimming Ultimate
- Precision Black Pro Technology
- Wide Color Enhancer Plus
- Ultra Clear Panel
- 3D: 3DTV, 3DConvertor, 3D Sound
- Audio: 120W Total Power (10W x 2, Subwoofer 20W x 2, Centre 40W)
- Features: USB Recording, ConnectShare USB Movie
- Connectivity: Wireless Lan Built-in, Sound Share, Samsung Smart View
- Available in 85”

** Notice:

All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation. Samsung reserves the right to make changes to this document and the products described herein, at any time, without any obligation on Samsung to provide notification of such changes.


Suggested Retail Price of Samsung’s Brand New Flagship SMART TV:


Screen Size

Suggested Retail Price

4K UHD S9 Series



HK$ (TBC, Jun)

F8000 Series



HK$ 36,980



HK$ (TBC, May)



HK$ (TBC, July)

F7500 Series



HK$ 17,980



HK$ 23,980



HK$ 31,980


Suggested Retail Price of Samsung’s New Series of SMART TV Accessories:



Suggested Retail Price


Smart Evolution Kit

HK$ (TBC, Jun)


Quick Charging 3D Glasses

HK$ 498


Battery Powered 3D Glasses

HK$ 298


High definition TV camera supporting motion control

HK$ 698


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