How can I optimise and extend the battery life in my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or 8.0?

Last Update date : 2014.08.27



The length of time the battery in your device can last before it needs to be charged depends very much on how you use your device. Fortunately there are many means to extend the life of your battery by re-configuring certain functions and features to curb their power consumption rates. Follow the steps below to make such re-configurations to make your battery last longer between charges:



Install a power management app


Searching for such terms as "battery" and "power saving" in the Google Play store will display a number of third-party apps that can intelligently manage your device's features to reduce battery consumption. Many of these apps are free or have free versions. Following the steps below will achieve much the same results as such apps, but you may wish to download such apps to automate this activity.



Activate Power Saving mode when your battery's charge is low


Follow these steps to reduce your Galaxy device's battery consumption through Power Saving mode:


1. From the Home screen touch App Icon Apps.



2. Touch GS4 Settings Icon Settings (you may need to swipe left or right to locate it first).



3. Scroll down to locate and touch Power saving mode (you may need to touch the GS4 My Device Icon My Device tab first).


4. If the slider next to GS4 Settings Icon Power saving mode is in the 'off' position touch it to put it in the 'on' position.


5. Touch the check box next to a function to mark it with a tick (enabling it) or remove the tick (disabling it).




Change the display settings to reduce power consumption


1. From the Home screen touch App Icon Apps.




2. Touch GS4 Settings Icon Settings (you may need to swipe left or right to locate it first).




3. Touch Display (you may need to touch the GS4 My Device Icon My Device tab first).




4. Touch Screen Timeout.



5. Touch the radio button next to either 15 seconds or 30 seconds (the shorter the length of time before your screen goes dark, the longer your battery will last).


6. Touch Brightness.


7. Touch the check box next to Automatic brightness to mark it with a tick and allow your device to set the brightness by itself at all times, taking into account the current battery level. If you're particularly concerned about battery longevity slide the point on the slider to the left to permanently set the brightness of your screen at a lower level. The lower the level, the lesser the battery consumption.




Close applications running unnecessarily in the background


1. Press and hold down the Home key until the Recent Apps screen appears.


2. Touch the Task Manager icon at the bottom-left of the screen.




3. Touch End next to any applications that you don't need running, prioritising those taking up the largest percentage of the CPU.



Restrict mobile data use to areas in which you have a strong signal


Mobile data connections in areas of low signal strength use a lot of power so it's recommended you use your mobile data connection only when in areas of strong signal strength, which you can easily determine by checking the signal strength bars in the Notification Panel.



Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS connections when you don't need them


Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS all have high power consumption rates so it's best to leave them off when you're not using them. It's fast and easy to toggle these connections on and off through the Quick Panel menu.


1. From the Home screen touch the Notification Panel and slide it down to reveal the Quick Panel menu.


2. Touch the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS icon to toggle the corresponding connection on and off.



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