How can I clean the fingerprints off the screen on my TV?

Last Update date : 2014.12.15



To clean fingerprints and greasy smudges off your TV screen, first try using a dry, anti-static cloth and rubbing gently.

For general cleaning of both the frame and screen of your LCD TV, use a soft, clean, lint-free, dry cloth. Most Samsung TVs come with a microfibre cloth that you can use for this purpose. Use that cloth and follow the directions on the package.


If that does not work, get a bottle of ScreenClean screen cleaning solution or similar screen cleaner. You should be able to get it at most regular and on-line stores that sell monitors or TVs. Put a small amount of ScreenClean on a clean, soft, dry cloth, and then rub the screen gently.


WARNING: If using water, please ensure that the damp cloth has been wrung to completely remove any excess liquid, as any water that drips into the TV may damage the TV. Never use any type of window cleaner, soap, scouring powder, or any cleanser with solvents such as alcohol, benzene, ammonia, or paint thinner. Never use abrasive pads or paper towels. If you do, you can scratch the screen or strip the anti-glare coating off the screen and cause permanent damage.

This form of damage is not covered under warranty. 



Cleaning It Right

There are four steps you must take to do the job right:

•  Unplug your TV before you begin to eliminate the risk of electric shock.

•  If you use ScreenClean or a similar screen cleaner, put or spray the ScreenClean onto the cloth. Never put or spray it directly onto your TV screen.

•  Wipe as gently as possible. LCD, Plasma, and DLP screens in particular are fragile and can be damaged if you press too hard.

•  Let the screen dry completely before you plug the TV back in.


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