When I Play The DVD Player In My Home Theater System, I Get Sound But No Picture.

Last Update date : 2015.09.23



If you get sound when you play the DVD player in your Home Theater System (HTS) but no picture, it most likely means that the HTS is not connected to your TV correctly.

There are three ways you can hook up most Samsung HTS's to a television:

Using Standard (Composite or AV) Video
Using S-Video
Using Component Video
You can only use one when you connect your HTS to your TV.

To hook up using Standard Video, you use an RCA cable to connect the Standard Video Out on your HTS to the Standard Video In on your TV.  
To hook up using S-Video, you use an S-Video cable to connect the S-Video Out on your HTS to the S-Video In on your TV.
To hook up using Component Video, you use three RCA or Component Video cables to connect the three Component Video Out jacks (Pr, Pb, and Y) to the three corresponding Component Video In jacks (Pr, Pb, and Y) on your TV.
Standard Video, S-Video, and Component Video are incompatible. You cannot, for example, connect the Standard Video Out jack on your HTS to one of the Component In jacks on the TV and get a picture.

If your TV only has a Standard Video In jack, you can only use Standard Video. If your TV has Standard and S-Video In jacks, use S-Video if you have an S-Video cable. You'll get a better picture. If your TV has Component Video Inputs, use Component video if you have the cables. Component Video will give you the best picture.

Important: After you have connected your HTS to your TV correctly, you must then select the correct video input source on your TV to view the video when you play the DVD. Depending on your TV, you may have to select a channel, or, more likely, a labeled source (Aux1, Aux2, S-Video1, Component1, etc.).

A diagram of the three ways to hook up your HTS to your TV is below. All three ways are shown. Use only one when you hook your HTS to your TV.


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