How to fix paper jammed in printer?

Last Update date : 2015.09.22





When a paper jam occurs, the Error LED lights red. Open and close the front cover. The jammed paper automatically exits the printer.





※ Note


When removing paper that is jammed in the printer, if possible always pull the paper in the direction that it normally moves so as not to damage internal components. Always pull firmly and evenly| do not jerk the paper. If the paper tears, ensure that all fragments of paper are removed| otherwise a jam will occur again.


In the paper feed area


1. Remove the jammed paper by gently pulling it straight out. Make sure that all of the paper is properly aligned in the standard tray. If the paper does not move when you pull, or if you do not see the paper in this area, check the fuser area around the toner cartridge.

2. Open and close the front or top cover to resume printing the document from failed pages.



Around the toner cartridge


※ Note


The fuser area is hot. Be careful when removing paper from the printer.

1. Open the front cover and pull the toner cartridge out.



To prevent damage to the toner cartridge, do not expose it to light for more than a few |minutes. Cover it with a piece of paper, if necessary.

Do not touch the green surface underside of the toner cartridge. Use the handle on the cartridge to avoid touching this area.


2. If necessary, pull the manual tray out.

3. Remove the jammed paper by gently pulling it out. If you do not see the jammed paper or if there is any resistance removing the paper, stop |pulling and go to the paper exit area.

4. If necessary, reinsert the manual tray.

5. Replace the toner cartridge and close the front cover. Printing automatically resumes.



In the Paper exit area


1. Open and close the front cover. The jammed paper is automatically ejected from the printer.

2. Gently pull the jammed paper out of the output tray. If you do not see the jammed paper or if there is any resistance when you pull, stop pulling and go to the next step.

3. Open the top cover and inner cover.



When removing the jammed paper, be careful not to touch the heat roller (located underneath the inner cover). It is hot and could cause burns!

The top and inner cover themselves may also be hot due to the heat roller. Allow the printer to cool before opening the covers.


4. Loosen the jammed paper if it is caught in the heat roller. Then gently pull the jammed paper out.

5. Close the inner cover and top cover. Printing automatically resumes.

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