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Last Update date : 2015.02.04


Q: When is Voice Control Available?

A: Voice Control is almost always available and will over lay the current picture. Voice Control may not be accessible while in some applications.

Q: What commands does the TV understand?

A: The TV only understands the list of commands pre-programmed into it. When the voice command bar appears on the TV it will list the available commands in the bar and under "More Commands".

Q: Can I teach the TV new commands?

A: No, the TV cannot learn any new commands. More commands may be provided in the future through a software update.

Q: When I have the menu open and I just say the section I want to go to? For example: "Hi TV, Menu, Support, Contact Samsung"

A: No, you can use the voice control to open the menu but after that you would need to use the remote control or gesture commands to navigate the menu.

Q: Can I use Voice Control to navigate in the web browser? For example: "Hi TV, Web Browser, Google, Search Samsung Galaxy Tab"

A: No, you can say "Hi TV, Web Browser" once the web browser launches you can use the remote or Gesture Control to select the search bar. When the text entry opens you can use the VOICE button on the remote and say "Samsung Galaxy Tab" and it will fill in the text from your voice.

Q: Can I make it so the TV only recognizes my voice?

A: No, the TV will recognize any command delivered in a clear voice.

Q: How many Languages can the tV understand and can it be updated to support more?

A: The TV understands English, Spanish, and French. You need to select your desired language in the System > Menu Language. At this time the TV will only understand those three languages and cannot be updated to support more. 

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