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Landmark Role Guide

Landmark Role Guide

Using Landmarks at Our Website

As shown in 2 cases below, you can learn 5 Landmarks implemented to our website. Case 1 shows our main page and Case 2 our product page.

5 Landmarks at our websites:

  • ① " Banner " landmark: This landmark covers our Samsung logo. When the logo is clicked, your click will bring you to our main page.
  • ② " Navigation " landmark: This landmark covers our global navigation bar which helps you find almost all menus at once.
  • ③ " Search " landmark: This landmark covers our search tool for our website documents.
  • ④ " Main " landmark: This landmark covers main content of each web page.
  • ⑤ " Contentinfo " landmark: This landmark covers our footer which looks similar to our site map. The footer contains information about "Who We Are", "What We Make", and "How can we help you?" along with administrative content such as privacy, legal, etc.

Case 1: Main Page

Main page, highlighting each landmark role on the page

Case 2: Product Page

Product page, highlighting each landmark role on the page

How to use our Landmarks in JAWS® screen reading software

Here you can learn how JAWS® screen reader can help you understand the structure of our website.
Use the ' semi-colon ' key on your keyboard to move from one landmark at our website to the next.

If you keep clicking on the ' semi-colon ' key, your screen reading software will read our Landmarks as following:

  • ① For " Banner ": "Banner region start."
  • ② For " Navigation ": "Navigation region start."
  • ③ For " Search ": "Search region start."
  • ④ For " Main ": "Main region start."
  • ⑤ For "Contentinfo ": "Content info region start."