Samsung printer cartridge

How to Spot a Fake

  • Confirm that both the cartridge and packaging carry the Samsung logo.

  • Make sure that neither the cartridge nor the packaging is labelled "refurbished" or "reconditioned." Refurbished or reconditioned toner is not guaranteed to work with Samsung printers. Even if it’s not labelled as such, a refurbished or reconditioned cartridge usually shows signs of physical damage on the outer plastic case. For example, you’ll likely see worn or damaged screws, visible use of adhesives, surface scratches, and the like.

  • Check to see that the cartridge has a CRUM (Customer Replaceable Unit Monitor) chip. If not, it’s either a starter cartridge or a counterfeit.

  • Be sure that the cartridge has a Samsung model and serial number label

  • If you’re using a Samsung network printer, type the printer’s IP address into any Web browser. This will load Samsung’s SyncThru Web service, which will tell you whether your cartridge is genuine. You can also download software to access SyncThru from the Samsung website.

Use the Real Deal