Samsung Series 9: Precision Craftsmanship Yields Exquisite Light Laptop

Jan 30, 2013

All the latest high-end ultra light laptops boast impressive specifications. But what if you’re not satisfied with a machine you’ll use for a year or two and then replace? The design and engineering innovations that went into Samsung’s Series 9 laptop have created a unique, uncompromising machine you’ll be proud to own.

Samsung recommends Windows 8.



Most of today's ultra light laptops get the job done just fine. You don't have to look far to find a model that delivers adequate performance and portability. But a truly exceptional laptop—one that you'll look forward to using every day—requires innovation from the ground up. The Samsung Series 9 was engineered and crafted not just to meet your everyday computing needs but to provide an experience you'll treasure for years.


    There are some times when photos of laptops can fool you: they look beautiful when blessed with stunning lighting and clever angles of photography, but when you actually see them in the flesh it's like going on a blind date with a "slim, athletic and handsome man" and ending up with Danny de Vito (sorry Danny). The Series 9 is no such laptop. lt looks and feels beautiful, with what Samsung terms as a "mineral matt-finish". The end result is no fingerprints on the lid, which was one of the big complaints consumers had with the original Series 9.

    * PC Pro UK - January 10th, 2012 by Tim Danton

Streamlined From the Start

The first thing you'll notice about the Series 9 is its look. The streamlined yet rock-solid appearance isn't just a veneer. It's a reflection of how the machine was conceived and crafted.


Asked how he sculpted his famous David, Michelangelo is said to have replied, "I simply removed everything that was not David." The Series 9's designers took a similar approach, removing every inessential detail from previous designs and leaving only an unadorned yet uncompromising machine.

Thanks to this design philosophy, artifice doesn't overwhelm the natural beauty of the Series 9's raw materials. Instead, natural and human-made elements harmonise perfectly, giving you a different experience each time you touch the Series 9. You won't just be proud to own it for years—you'll look forward to using it.


    When we first got hands-on with the new Series 9 laptops, we were joined by two of the execs tasked with overhauling their design. What struck us most—more than any one spec like resolution or thickness—was how much the design was apparentiy decided by user feedback. After culling ideas, in part, from the comments on sites like this one, the designers arrived at two overarching conclusions: the shiny stuff had to go, as did superfluous things, like launch buttons. The design needed to be simpler, cleaner, but just as well-made, with the same attention to detail.

    * Engadget- by By Dana Wollman

Design and Engineering Innovations

Any machine is only as strong as its weakest link. That's why every element of the Series 9 laptop was engineered and crafted in keeping with its overall design philosophy and rigorous standards.


Single-shell body.

The Series 9 was built with CNC engineering, an ultraprecise method allowing the chassis to be carved from a single piece of aluminium. It feels solid because it is solid. Conventionally built laptops, which are pieced together from a mix of plastic and metal parts and moulding, can't achieve this light-yet-sturdy quality.


Ultra-slim, tailor-made components.

The strongest, most elegantly designed shell is useless if it houses substandard parts. The extraordinarily thin and light Series 9 would have been impossible with run-of-the-mill components. Instead, each part was customised to fit perfectly into the thin, single-shell body. Everything from the LCD screen to the fan was designed to achieve the highest possible performance-to-size ratio.


Compact chassis, maximum screen size.

Get an extra inch of screen without increasing the laptop's size, thanks to the Series 9's MaxScreen—a 15-inch screen that fits comfortably into a standard 14-inch laptop chassis. You'll see more of what you're doing without sacrificing portability.


Solid-state drive.

In keeping with its streamlined vision, the Series 9 uses an SSD drive (either 128GB or 256GB) instead of a traditional hard disk drive. SSDs are much faster and more durable because they don't have moving parts.


A thoroughbred workhorse.

Pride of ownership won't get your work done for you. You also demand a machine with capabilities just as advanced as its build quality. Measured by the PCMark 7 performance benchmark, the Series 9 scored far above the average for ultra light laptops. The Series 9 easily runs multiple applications at once without slowing down or generating excessive heat. The battery lasts up to 10 hours—long enough to handle your toughest workdays.



An ambitious design philosophy doesn't always translate into real-world excellence. But in the case of the Series 9 laptop, you'll experience its focus on quality and simplicity every day.


    Even though it has a thin profile, the Series 9 manages to dissipate heat well. After we streamed a Huiu video at full screen for 15 minutes, the clickpad was a cool 79 degrees Fahrenheit, and the spaces between the G and H keys and underside were a cool 90 and 91 degrees, respectively. Whether watching movies or listening to music, we were impressed with both the power and fidelity of the Series 9's speakers. Bruce Springsteen's "Glory Days" boomed out, and had a nice balance between the treble and bass. Most importantly, it didn't sound tinny, especially when we played more bass-heavy tracks, such as 50 Cent's "Window Shopper" The SoundAilve control panel—accessible via the Easy Settings utility—let us adjust equaiizer settings and choose from a variety of presets, which really made a difference. We only wish we could get to the settings with just one click.

    * Laptop Magazine - by By Michael A. Prospero