Save hassle and money with a quality cooker hood

Oct 19, 2011

Woman and boy in kitchen laughing nearby a Samsung cooker hood

When you think about your dream kitchen, the type of cooker hood you have installed might be the last thing you think about. But should it be? Sure it doesn’t seem quite as impressive as a sleek stainless steel double-door refrigerator or a state-of-the-art microwave oven, but it in reality it is actually the mark of a truly luxurious kitchen.

A good quality cooker hood enhances not only the functionality of the kitchen but also proves to be a sound investment and can actually save you money. Before delving into the financial merits of installing the right cooker hood let’s see how it adds to the aesthetics of the home.

The most obvious benefit is the quiet removal of steam, vapour, smoke and unwanted odours from the kitchen. Without an extractor, cooking meals can leave their mark on clothes, carpet and the home environment in general. So, a Cooker Hood not only removes odours but also provides cleaner air to breathe.

Cooker hoods have certainly moved with the times with regards to design, and despite not being the most-talked about features, have developed a stylish edge that does enhance the look and feel of a kitchen. Samsung’s wall mounted hood combines stainless steel finish with contemporary glass housing, which definitely adds style to any kitchen.

Lastly there are the financial benefits of installing a good quality cooker hood. The best way to illustrate this point is to highlight the effects of not having one…

When you cook on the hob you get smoke, vapours and steam rising from the pan, which then collects on the ceiling. Over time this causes damage to the kitchen walls and ceiling, and will ether need to be fixed or redecorated. This is where the money is lost, in either not having a cooker hood or just a having poor quality hood. With effective extraction of unwanted gases and odours you can save yourself the need for fixing the various problems that are bound to take effect and cause hassle.

So, with these three examples it is quite clear that although the cooker hood isn’t the most glamorous feature of the modern kitchen, it is certainly an important feature.