On the Go? Power Up and Get Connected

Oct 20, 2011

Samsung mobile device accessory

Staying in contact no matter where you happen to be is easy—if you have the right accessories. From keeping batteries charged to having enough storage space for large downloads, there’s a mobile accessory that does the job. Read on for some valuable tips.

Go Hands-Free with Bluetooth

A Bluetooth headset connects wirelessly to your mobile phone and lets you answer calls with a button press. Clipped over your ear, it lets you use your phone hands-free—a necessity when you’re driving or negotiating a crowded airport with luggage to carry or children in tow.

Make Power Portable

It can be a bother to unplug, wrap up and stow your laptop’s power adapter every time you leave the house or office. And they take some muscle to lug around: A typical A/C adapter can easily add a few extra kilos to your briefcase. Add convenience and shave weight off your bag by adding a slim power adapter. It’ll save both time and weight, and since you can always leave it in your baggage, you’ll never forget it.

Charge Up While on the Road

Put your commute to better use by charging your gadgets while you drive. A 12-volt car adapter (also known as a cigarette-lighter adapter) is available for every type of mobile phone as well as many other devices with low power requirements. You can even charge some laptop computers this way if you have a higher-wattage charging adapter.

Power Up in the Air

Many laptop batteries don’t hold enough juice to survive longer flights, and few if any, can make it through a long haul trip. Not only do you need to be lucky enough to snag a flight that has power, you’ve got to have exactly the right adapter. Fortunately, Samsung’s 15-volt Empower adapter is compatible with the power outlets of over 40 airlines. Consider adding one to your travel kit if you’re a frequent long-distance flier. Check online before you fly to see what kind of power outlets (if any) your flight offers.

The Mouse: Not Just for the Office

Computer Touchpads are convenient when the only work surface available is your lap, but if you anticipate working in a hotel room or on-site with a client, a wireless mouse can make computing easier, more natural and more ergonomically friendly. Add a portable mouse pad to make sure your mouse tracks smoothly on any surface.

Room to Grow

What could be more embarrassing than running out of hard drive space while you’re meeting with clients and trying to download their project files? Add an external hard drive to your travel kit—many aren’t much bigger than a book of matches—and you’ll never run out of extra storage. Even if what you really want to download is the latest blockbuster movie in hi-definition.

Packed Up and Ready to Go

Sure, you can toss your accessories into a backpack, but that looks unprofessional, and you’re likely to break something as you hustle through airport security and jam your bag into an overhead bin. Use a carrying case specially designed for your high-tech gear, with plenty of padding and pouches that ensure your gear is always available when you need it.