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A-Z of the Productive Office
Case Study

The A-Z of the Productive Office

Check out 26 ways to make your office more efficient in this definitive guide: everything from air conditioning to more Zzzz’s with productivity-boosting powernaps.

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Case Study

Transforming shops, restaurants and hotels with technology

Intelligent, connected technology is profoundly transforming the customer journey in the retail, hospitality and restaurant industries. Businesses need to rise to the challenge.

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Medical Document Workflow Solution
Solution Brief

Medical Document Workflow Solution

Samsung Medical Document Workflow Solution helps streamline management of sensitive medical records. This automated system captures paper documents into digital format and distributes them to predefined destinations and key personnel.

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Government Security Workflow Solution
Solution Brief

Government Security Workflow Solution

The Samsung Government Security Workflow Solution helps increase both paper-handling productivity and document security with card authentication, integration with SmarThru™ and SecuThru™, while interoperating with the existing system.

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