Boracay+ wall mounted system RAC


  • Reduce energy wasted
  • Ensure that your room is kept fresh and clean
  • Fit the stylish design into any space
  • Maintain a constant temperature and quiet environment

Boracay+ wall mounted system RAC

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Zero standby power

Zero standby power
By avoiding energy wastage during start up and shut down and with increased control technology, Samsung air conditioners help you significantly reduce waste. Save money even when it’s off- the improved control board uses minuscule amounts of energy when off, resulting in more savings than conventional air conditioners.

Full HD Filter

Full HD Filter
With Samsung's advanced Full High Density Filter, you can ensure your room is kept fresh and clean. The Full HD Filter offers improved filtration by removing even the smallest microscopic dust particles and transforming polluted air into clean energized air. Filter cleaning gets convenient, too. All you need to do is simply wash out the dirt with flowing water to clean the filter. Always keep your air clean and fresh with simple and easy care of the filter.

Inimitable design in colour and style

Inimitable design in colour and style
Elaborately designed, Samsung's new air conditioner is a perfect solution for your stylish and modern living room. We guarantee to support your stylish life with peerless beauty of the new air conditioner. Samsung's new air conditioner is delicately designed with high-glossy panel in purple black color. The dark gradation of color delivers enchanting beauty.
Save energy and maintain coolness — Smart Inverter

Save energy and maintain coolness — Smart Inverter

Samsung’s air conditioners with Smart Inverter technology not only use less power than conventional models, they also earned one of the best Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) of A+++/8.5 (K-series 9k). By using the compressor's full capacity, they quickly reach your desired temperature setting faster than non-inverter models. Plus our Smart Inverter air conditioners adjust fluctuations to both maintain a constant temperature and keep things quiet.
Good Sleep

Good Sleep

Missing out on a good night’s sleep can mean bad news for your day. That’s why Samsung’s Good Sleep feature creates an ideally comfortable climate in your bedroom. With a precise temperature control system and automatic moisture adjustment, all three vital stages of our sleep is protected from humidity and heat so you wake up fully refreshed and ready to take on a new day. Good Sleep not only saves you precious minutes and hours of potentially lost sleep, it also saves up to 36% in energy consumption compared to the normal cooling mode.

Anti-bacteria Coating

Anti-bacteria Coating
Due to the anti-bacteria coating's unique structure, this filter can collect tiny dust particles and viruses you cannot even see. Enjoy complete protection from unwanted bacteria so you breathe cleaner, fresher air.

Turbo Cooling

Turbo Cooling
Samsung's new air conditioner operates in its maximum speed in Turbo mode to quickly reach the set temperature. Cool down your space instantly with Samsung's Turbo Cooling technology.


Samsung's new air conditioner would not allow your place stay damp and muggy. Samsung's new air conditioner is the most appropriate choice to remove excess moisture from your environment. No need to empty a water bucket for sure!

Auto Clean

Auto Clean
You might not know it, but an air conditioner can produce mold and spread germs. That’s because the difference between internal and external air temperatures causes moisture to form inside the unit?and moisture equals bacteria. Our solution? Samsung air conditioners feature auto cleaning, which automatically runs the fan even after you turn it off, keeping everything dry and odor-free while preventing germs from spreading.



  • Capacity (Cooling, Btu/hr)

  • Capacity (Heating, Btu/hr)

  • Capacity (Cooling, Min - Max, Btu/hr)

  • Capacity (Heating, Min - Max, Btu/hr)

  • Capacity (Cooling, kW)

  • Capacity (Heating, kW)

  • Capacity (Cooling, Min - Max, kW)

  • Capacity (Heating, Min - Max, kW)


Energy Efficiency

  • Annual electricity consumption (cooling, kWh/annum)

  • Annual electricity consumption (heating, kWh/annum)

  • EER (Cooling, W/W)

  • COP (Heating, W/W)

  • Energy Efficiency Class for cooling (W/W)

  • Energy Efficiency Class for cooling (Grade)

  • Energy Efficiency Class for heating in 'Average' heating season (W/W)

  • Energy Efficiency Class for heating in 'Average' heating season (Grade)




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* Samsung air conditioners contain fluorinated greenhouse gas R410A with GWP=2088


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