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    See how we’re transforming high-street stores to help them attract and engage customers more effectively – from the shop window to the till.
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  • The high-definition high street

    The high-definition high street

    The high-definition high street
    The high-definition high street is all about creating stores without limits. Stores that set new standards and are more effective at attracting and engaging customers – giving them a better overall experience and encouraging them to visit again and again.
    Plus, you can tailor your marketing messages much more effectively based on your store’s location and customer profiles.
    A shopper is viewing a customised advertisement on his mobile device, with the same advertisement on a digital wall display in the background.
    Offer more than a shop window… offer a richer customer journey
    Stand out from other stores with high-definition multi-screen displays that grab shoppers’ attention with vibrant content. Once your displays have enticed customers in-store with the latest offers and product images, the journey can continue with rich interactive content that brings your products and services to life.
    A customer is using a tablet installed on shop shelves to view information on the food products on sale.
    Be more than a store… be a destination
    Turn your store into a must-visit shopping destination with displays and digital devices that enable customers to try out and experience your products, engage with new ideas and interact with new items. Make visits to your store even more enjoyable, create some real brand love and see customers return to your store again and again!
    A consumer is using an interactive screen to shop and to view information on an article of clothing in a menswear store.
    Turn heads with more than a poster… entice customers with real-time promotions
    Leave posters in the past; vibrant video is far more effective at attracting customers into your store. With our smart signage and Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) you can easily control the content onscreen – broadcasting the latest products and promotions to shoppers.
    A consumer is using her mobile device to view information on food and produce promotions, and to receive coupons.
    Be more than informative… be interactive
    Paper signs and cardboard cut-outs provide information but aren’t always inspiring. With our displays and smart signage, customers can interact and engage with information onscreen. The overall shopping experience is enhanced with helpful interactive floor maps, appealing product promotions and limited-time sales content.
    A customer is ordering food and consulting the digital menu hanging above the cashier for live updates on the status of menu items.
    Don’t just see products… experience them
    Why just see products onscreen or in a brochure when you can actually experience them? With virtual reality, customers can interact with products as if they were actually there. VR adds a slice of excitement to the in-store experience and gives customers a greater understanding of the products on offer – encouraging more sales.
  • Create stores without limits

    Create stores without limits

    Create stores without limits
    Creating stores without limits benefits customers and staff, delivering a better customer journey and a smoother, slicker shopping experience. With our technology, you can think outside the box and create a shopping experience that customers love.
    A shopper is watching attentively as a shop employee uses his mobile device to pull up relevant information on a product.
    Empower employees
    Our technology can support your sales staff, giving them the tools to interact more effectively with customers. Smart signage helps spark customers’ interest, while tablets and interactive instore displays make it easy for customers to gather information and sales staff to talk through product features and benefits.
    A store manager is communicating with a member of her team via video on her tablet.
    Be less static… be more dynamic
    We can help make the in-store experience more exciting and efficient. With our technology, sales staff can interact easily with the stock room and offer slick customer service. Whether it’s a customer confirming their order pick-up onscreen or stock availability being checked via a smartwatch, there’s no limit to how your store can operate.
    A tablet is linked wirelessly to a printer and enabling an employee to instantly transfer data.
    Fewer queues… faster payments
    Have you ever walked out of a store because the queues are too long? Equip your sales staff with tablets featuring a mobile point-of-sale and customers can check out anywhere in the store without having to wait in line. Customers will appreciate and remember the speedy and convenient service.

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