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Data Sheet The Most Rugged Notebook Yet

A notebook so well-crafted that it has been engineered to last. The Samsung Notebook Series 6 is the ultimate business notebook that will help you further your performance at work and help double your productivity.

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Data Sheet Power Up Your Business

Every fast paced organisation needs a high powered mobile slate form factor PC. You can enhance usability and maximise productivity with the Samsung Smart PC Series 7's superior processor.

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Data Sheet Performance At Its Peak

Inspired by Intel, with a 1TB HDD and a 14 inch HD screen, the Samsung Notebook Series 5 Ultra comes with the highest level of performance. And with a battery that lasts, be sure you take this along with you everywhere you go.

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Data Sheet Rely On Your Basic Instincts

The Samsung Notebook Series 4 is ideal for your business. Specially designed for professionals with a PowerPlus battery and a processor that has been powered to perform, this notebook will exceed expectations.

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Data Sheet Made For Business Executives

With a durable aluminium construction, an elegant design and a multi-touch ClickPad, the Samsung Notebook Series 9 is perfect for business executives who are always on the move.

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