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Solution Brief Samsung LYNK

Samsung’s licensed per-room content solution lets you provide premium interactive services to customers.

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Solution Brief Medical Document Workflow Solution

Samsung Medical Document Workflow Solution helps streamline management of sensitive medical records. This automated system captures paper documents into digital format and distributes them to predefined destinations and key personnel.

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Solution Brief Government Security Workflow Solution

The Samsung Government Security Workflow Solution helps increase both paper-handling productivity and document security with card authentication, integration with SmarThru™ and SecuThru™, while interoperating with the existing system.

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Solution Brief Smart Account Processing Solution

Samsung’s the Smart Account Processing Solution that helps move confidential documents more securely through a digital workflow. The solution features two key tools for digital document management: SecuThru™ Lite and SmarThru Workflow™.

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Solution Brief Financial Document Workflow Solution

Samsung Financial Document Workflow Solution is designed to digitalize the workflow of financial documents. The solution transforms paper-based processes and streamlines loan application processing, mortgage approval and risk reduction analyses.

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Solution Brief Customer Information Security Solution

Based on experience in implementing systems to support the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the U.S. Patriot Act, Samsung developed a high-security document management solution: Samsung Customer Information Security Solution

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Solution Brief EasyPrint Customisation Solution

EasyPrint Customisation Solution help responds to customer requests more efficiently. With the solution, financial offices can implement document customisation processes that help produce professional, high-quality, custom documents.

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Solution Brief Medical Security Printing Solution

Medical Security Printing Solution is designed for simplified installation without the need to hire a technician, reducing operational costs. In addition, the SnycThruTM printer fleet management tool is expandable to accommodate healthcare facility’s needs.

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