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Samsung Smart Care is a simple and extremely innovative application that allows smartphone users to troubleshoot any problems experienced on their mobile device. Instead of having to contact a customer support helpdesk or returning the phone to a service centre, users have the opportunity to diagnose and resolve performance issues themselves. All settings can be checked quickly and easily, avoiding potentially costly interruptions. This solution lets business users have more confidence in the reliability of their mobile devices when working on the move.
Simplified Troubleshooting Processes for Medics
Simplified Troubleshooting Processes for Medics
The Smart Care self-diagnosis function automatically checks all mobile device settings. This ability to troubleshoot without having to go through long-winded customer service processes makes this solution indispensable to those working in a fast-paced business environment. If an error is detected the user is notified and, where possible, guided through a simple problem resolution process to regain optimal performance.
• Increased customer satisfaction thanks to an intuitive self-diagnosis system that detects possible errors relating to the phone, Internet connection and display settings.
• Failure prevention that leads to an extended life-cycle of the mobile device with regular error checking.
• Reduced operational costs at the customer service centre.
• Reduced number of device recalls.