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Cisco Compatible eXtension (CCX) provides exceptional performance improvement for your corporate wireless system and the optimisation to work within Cisco wireless LAN infrastructure. CCX also provides complete certification and test programmes to guarantee lower operation costs for your business. The options provided allow you to deploy WLANs with complete confidence, even when those WLANs serve a variety of different devices.
You are guaranteed seamless and secure wireless connectivity for all your business mobile devices. These solutions support innovative and reliable wireless features such as device management and VoIP enhancements. This feature ensures interoperability with a variety of WLAN devices, and helps to effectively reduce business costs incurred by troubleshooting and device management.
Cisco Compatible eXtension1
Cisco Compatible eXtension
Cisco Compatible eXtension (CCX) provides performance improvement for corporate wireless systems as well as complete certification and test programmes to ensure lower operation costs for your business. CCX can be used on a variety of devices, supporting features within the Cisco WLAN infrastructure and offering enhanced reliability, security, and device management.