The Easy Document Creator has a range of easy-to-use features that enhance a business's productivity and creativity. Whether users are capturing documents via scanning or fax processes, there are a number of different settings and profiles which give them the flexibility they need to meet their unique business requirements. It is extremely easy to save text documents so that they appear in an editable format in the programme, which is especially convenient for those wishing to create e-books.

Convenient, Customisable Quick Scan Options

Quick Scan enables users to scan with predefined options, eliminating any additional steps in adjusting the operation settings. Professionals can predefine various options, such as image type, document size, resolution, file type etc. Once this is done, a user just needs one-click on the Quick Scan button to begin the operation immediately. In addition, it lets business professionals choose between multiple functions such as a last used setting, image scan, document scan, etc, and they are able to add them to a favorites section for fast access.

Save Time And Resources With Direct Faxing

The Fax Trasmit menu on the Easy Document Creator lets business users send files to remote fax machines using the embedded fax kit on Samsung multi-functional printers (MFPs). In other words, users do not need to print documents or images from their PC just to fax them, but can instead send these files via the embedded fax kit on their Samsung MFP directly to remote fax machines.

Easy Document Conversion For Mobile Devices

The Easy Document Creator lets users scan material and save it directly in the E-pub format suitable for E-books. It also supports the conversion of existing files to E-pub. After scanning one or more images, professionals can convert them into the desired format and save them in a local folder or as an attachment to an email. This feature gives users greater flexibility by making it easier for them to manage their E-book content.

Share More Easily Via Social Networking Sites

To enhance connectivity and flexibility, the Easy Document Creator supports a number of online applications and social media platforms, including Web Office (Google Docs) or SNS (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa). This gives a wide range of options when it comes to uploading material for documents, and for disseminating the finalised product. All of these options are accessible via a user-friendly and clear interface.


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