Memories are more colourful than ever with the Samsung F70. As the first SD Camcorder to adopt a CMOS Sensor, the F70 sets a new standard for recording quality. Enjoy richer, more natural hues — colours that cannot be reproduced with camcorders using conventional CCD Sensors. And be delighted by what you don’t see — anti-smear technology prevents streaking caused by bright lights. The F70 also features 60p progressive recording for smoother, more dynamic playback of birthday parties and other social events. Capture 1280 x 720 30p video as well, which offers 2.5 times the resolution of 720 x 480 SD. And add to all that the incredible detail gained from the 65x Intelli-Zoom lens (52x optical zoom), and relive the fun-filled festivities as you never before could.

Put yourself in the middle of the action

We know that a powerful optical zoom lens is a critical feature in any camcorder so that’s why the Samsung F70 comes with a 65x Intelli-zoom (52x Optical Zoom lens) lens. It brings you as close to the action as you need to be and ensures that every image is as clear and crisp as you remember them. To create a higher zoom rate, we’ve added additional pixels from the image sensor to the existing optical zoom.

True Colour with CMOS

Like you, the F70 sees the difference between red, green and blue. Its CMOS sensor filters light into separate red, green and blue elements to reproduce rich, natural and accurate colours. The CMOS sensor also gives you smear-free video: it prevents street lamps, the sun — even the chandeliers at a family wedding — from blooming into beams that stretch across and ruin the scene. Shooting your child’s soccer game — Record the goals, smiles and the fast-paced action with progressive recording. Capable of holding twice as much data as 60 interlaced recording, the F70 gives you ultra-smooth video playback, and the highest picture quality possible in standard definition.

Capture Crystal-clear videos in any condition

Recording in 1280 x 720p HD helps you capture the exquisite beauty of each and every moment in rich natural colour with deep and dynamic details. Movies shot in HD resolution retain their incredible image intensity when viewed on HD TVs and monitors. (720 / 30p / 25p HD recording has 2.5x better resolution than conventional SD camcorders)

Add emotion to your home movies

In Hollywood, directors use music to establish a mood for their movies. Now you can do the same with your own home movies with the Smart BGM feature. Smart BGM lets you choose from a variety of prerecorded background music and overlay them to movies you’ve already recorded. The background music automatically becomes lower during a dialogue scene so none of the words are ever drowned out.

Take a break in the action

When shooting a long video, like a baseball game or a child’s play, you’ll probably want to take a break for any long pauses or intermission. With the Record Pause feature on the Samsung F70, you can pause the recording and then pick up right where you left off without creating a new file. This way you only have one file to work with and don’t have to merge files for editing, sharing or transferring.

The camcorder that adapts to your surroundings

When you’re shooting, you don’t want to worry about things like varying light conditions. So from shooting landscapes or family portraits, the Samsung F70’s intelligent Smart Auto feature automatically selects the best shooting mode to capture video and even detect the face. Smart Auto has 7 pre-set modes to address a wide number of different shooting situations such as indoor/outdoor lighting, portraits, and fast-moving images.

Say goodbye to shaky videos

Unstable hands can cause camcorder footage to be shaky and blurred. Thanks to its advanced computational power, the F70 realizes precision image stsbilizing by motion anlaysis.

Built-in PC S/W (Intelli-Studio)

F70 camcorder's intell-studio software is built-in, giving you the freedom to play, edit and share files on any PC. As soon as the F70 is connected to a PC via USB, intell-studio runs automatically.

1.9 M still photo

While recording video and without interruption, you are able to capture still images (1.9 Megapixel) that are as vivid and vibrant as life itself.

Time-lapse recording

The timeless beauty of a sunset can be captured and condensed in HD detail using the Time Lapse Recording feature. Still frames are taken at preset intervals and put together in sequential order to create a video file that speeds up the slow passage of time.

USB Charging

Simply connect the F70 to a PC’s USB port, turn on the PC, and your camcorder will start recharging. This intelligent feature gives you the freedom to shoot, share, and recharge from almost anywhere.