NQ50J5530BS Chef Collection Compact Oven, 50L with Steam-cleaning


NQ50J5530BS Chef Collection Compact Oven, 50L with Steam-cleaning
  • Multiple heating systems cook your food perfectly
  • Cook more at any one time with huge 50 L capacity
  • Keep clean with a steam cleaning system

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NQ50J5530BS Chef Collection Compact Oven, 50L with Steam-cleaning


  • Multiple heating systems cook your food perfectly
  • Cook more at one time with huge 50 litre capacity
  • Take control using the handy Guide Lighting Control
  • Enhance safety levels with the pre-stop hinge door
Quickly cooks food deeply and evenly
Combination cooking includes a “stirrer” microwave that quickly cooks food evenly. It also features multiple heating systems, including a fan-assisted convection that circulates heat evenly, and grills add crispness.
Quickly cooks food deeply and evenly
Cooks much more, much larger
Has a massive 50 litre capacity, so you can cook much more or much larger food. You can prepare multiple dishes at once, like trays of cookies, or easily accommodate large items, like a big roast or holiday turkey.
Cooks much more, much larger
Step-by-step cooking guide
The Guide Lighting Control is a digital dashboard that acts as a culinary assistant. You can control cooking temperatures and times, select functions and set cleaning options by following the lights on its display.
Step-by-step cooking guide
Safely close the door
A Pre-stop hinge door (1 level) ensures that the door can be quietly and safely closed. It automatically stops at a preset level, so it doesn’t shut too quickly and create a loud noise or cause spills or accidents.
Safely close the door
Easily removes stubborn stains
Steam Cleaning lets you loosen and remove food particles and stubborn stains in the oven cavity easily. Simply fill the cup inside the oven with water and it quickly bathes the cavity, so residue can be wiped away.
Easily removes stubborn stains

tech specs

Dimension of NQ50J5530BS/EU


  • Oven Capacity

    50 L


  • Oven Funtion(Combi MWO,Steam Combi,MWO Solo,Oven Solo,MWO Grill)

    Combi MWO

  • Heater Element

    Grill In / Grill Out / Bottom / Convection

  • Type of Controls

    Soft Pop-up Dial & Touch Button

  • Cleaning Method

    Steam Clean

  • Defrost (Auto / Power / Sensor)

    Auto defrost 5

  • Child Safety Lock


  • End Timer


  • Setting (Reminder End Signal)


  • Light (Lamp) On/Off


  • Upper Grill (In/Out)

    2500 W

  • Lower Grill

    1000 W

  • Interior Light (Position)

    Left (Side)

  • Interior Lamp




  • Cavity Material

    Ceramic Enamel

  • Oven Color


  • Display Type

    LED (Ice Blue)

  • Control Method

    Pop-up Dial & Touch button

  • Oven Door Glass

    Black Glass

  • Door Type

    Drop Down

  • Grill Heater


Cooking Mode

  • MWO Mode


  • Combi-MWO Mode (MWO + Oven)

    MWO + Grill / Convection

  • Oven Mode

    2 mode

  • Vegetable Function

    10 ea

  • Others Function

    Keep warm

  • Auto Cook

    25 ea


  • MWO Watts

    800 W

  • Output Power (Max)

    3000 W

  • Power Consumption (Microwave)

    1650 W

  • Power Consumption (Grill)

    2500 W

  • Power Consumption (Convection)

    2500 W

  • Fan



  • Installation Type

    Built In


  • Outside (WxHxD)

    595 x 454.2 x 570 mm

  • Cutout (WxHxD)

    555 x 445 x 548.8 mm

  • Usable Capacity

    50 L

  • Weight (Net)

    38.3 kg


  • Ceramic Tray

    1 ea

  • Square Baking Tray

    1 ea

  • Wire Tray Insert

    1 ea

  • Steam Cooker


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