R01 R0101 ie 07032800 CP1395ST/XEU
  • CP1395ST 1 FrontCP1395STPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/ie_CP1395ST-XEU_001_Front?$L1-Gallery$ie_CP1395ST-XEU_001_Front30002000370370default792410
  • CP1395ST 2 Right AngleCP1395STPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/ie_CP1395ST-XEU_002_Right-Angle?$L1-Gallery$ie_CP1395ST-XEU_002_Right-Angle30002000370370default6713073
  • CP1395ST 3 Left AngleCP1395STPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/ie_CP1395ST-XEU_003_Left-Angle?$L1-Gallery$ie_CP1395ST-XEU_003_Left-Angle30002000370370default6713074
CP1395ST Front

Cook to perfection, every time

The Samsung OmniPro uses built-in weight and moisture sensors to take the guess work out of cooking. By taking advantage of the OmniPro’s intelligent technologies you can cook with a new level of comfort and confidence.

Product Features

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Tech specs

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General Information

  • Countertop Microwave Oven
  • Convection Heat Source
  • 230V/50Hz Power Source
  • 1400W Power consumption(MWO)
  • 6 Power Levels
  • Tact and Dial Control
  • Handle Door Openning
  • Microwave Turntable
  • Ceramic Enamel Cavity Interior

General Features

  • Various Cooking Modes available
  • Sheathe Grill heater
  • Cooking Time(Max.) 90 min
  • 3 Cooking Stages


  • 36 Liter Capacity
  • 900Watts Output Power(Microwave)
  • LCD Display
General Information
Heat Source
Power Source
Power Consumption (Microwave)
Power Level
Control method
Door opening type
Microwave distribution
Cavity interior
Capacity Size (cu. ft.)
Output Power (w)
General Features
Various Cooking mode
Grill Heater
Max Cooking time
Cooking stages