The Samsung 'Metro' dual cook oven has been designed to add convenience to your kitchen with eye catching style. With Samsung's unique dual cook technology you can now cook two separate dishes for different times, at different temperatures in the same oven, simply by splitting the cavity with a shelf. With this at your side, dinner parties will now run like clock work.

Dual Cook technology

Samsung's patented dual cook technology gives you two ovens for the price of one! If you're
cooking a turkey or large dish and need to use the whole 65 litre cavity then that’s fine, but if you need to cook a chocolate cake and a roast chicken at the same time then you need two ovens. Well not anymore. By splitting the cavity with a removable shelf you can create two independently controlled cavities that can be heated to different temperatures and for different lengths of time. Also, there is no transference of smell or flavour between the two cavities, so you can cook dishes such as sea bass and apple pie at the same time without worrying.
Dual cook technology can also save you money by using less energy. If you only need to cook a small dish in half of the oven then you can split the cavity in two and only heat up the section that you are using. This means the oven heats up quicker and uses less energy. Samsung dual cook offers you a convenient solution to make your life easier, bringing economy and flexibility to the kitchen.

Steam clean does your dirty work

It won’t take out the rubbish or make the beds, but Samsung’s Geo oven does take care of one chore – it cleans itself. Just set the steam clean function and add some water and in practically no time at all the oven is hygienically cleaned and the greasy residue can be easily wiped away with a sponge or cloth. No cleaning equipment required. In fact, almost no cleaning required at all.

Twin LED display

If you’re going to cook twice as much at once, you’ll need to know twice as much about what you’re cooking. That’s why Samsung’s 24” oven features two rows of LED displays. The dual digital display highlights oven settings and cooking information so that your meals come out perfect every time. So get the low down on what you’re cooking up with Twin LED Display.

Energy Master

All three spaces, the single, upper and lower cavities have been separately certified with an ‘A’ grade for energy efficiency, saving energy and saving your money.

Stylish pop out dial

The stylish pop out dial is easy to use and easy to control.

Telescopic rack

It just got safer to remove hot dishes from the oven. The oven rack is on a rail that pulls out smoothly, providing the ultimate in convenience when taking food out of the oven.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.