Entertaining family and friends using a conventional single oven is difficult at the best of times. But try and cook several dishes with different cooking times and temperatures and it’s virtually impossible. That’s why SAMSUNG has developed the‘Dual Cook’ Oven, which gives you a double oven facility in the same size as a single oven. It lets you cook different dishes, like desserts and main courses, at different temperatures, for different times. And because there’s absolutely no transfer of smell, even the most delicate of flavours can simmer away together.

dual cooking

Allows you to cook two different dishes at the sameTime in the same oven, with different cooking temperatures and time settings.

catalytic cleaning

The catalytic cleaning system cleans the oven whenever it is being used. The backside dirt plate collects grease and residue and chemically dissolves them.

‘A’ energy rating

An 'A' grade energy rating ensures that the oven operates as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, offering 25% energy savings over conventional single ovens when only one half is in use.

twin convection fans

Unlike traditional single fan ovens, SAMSUNG’s ovens feature twin convection fans that distribute the heat around the oven far more effectively, ensuring evencooking.

delay start

Allows you to program the oven to start cooking at whatever time you want it to.

triple glazed doors

Triple glazed doors reduce heat loss and keep the heat in the oven, making it safe to touch the glass even when the oven is in use.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.