The FQ159ST Speed Oven is a convection oven which also features a microwave and grill. The steam clean function cleans the oven at the touch of a button, while the oven also comes equipped with a ceramic enamel interior and LED display.


The Speed Oven is a convection oven which also features a microwave and grill, offering the flexibility to cook exactly how you want to.

steam clean

Steam cleaning your oven used to require additional equipment, but with the Speed Oven’s Steam Clean feature it’s easy. Simply pour 100ml of water into the oven, press the Steam Clean button and come back 15 minutes later when you can simply wipe the dirt off the bottom of the oven clean with a tissue.

LED display

The digital display is easy to see and easy to use. The bright LEDs give you step-by-step directions for ultimate oven control.

speed cook

Busy households need quick solutions and with this convection oven, you’ve got them. Five heating methods reduce your cooking time, giving you time for more important things. For example, a whole chicken, which would take 80 minutes to cook in a conventional oven, takes just 25 minutes in the Speed Oven, while a baked potato takes just 15 minutes.

ceramic enamel interior

The ceramic enamel interior is exceptionally smooth, making it easy to wipe off dirt and grime with a damp cloth. It also prevents discolouration and is highly scratch resistant, prolonging the life of the oven.

anti-fingerprint coating

The Speed Oven has an anti-fingerprint coating to make sure the stainless steel exterior always looks spotless.

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