R01 R0101 ie 07013103 RSH7UNMH1/XEU
  • RSH7UNMH 1 FrontRSH7UNMHPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/ie_RSH7UNMH1-XEU_001_Front?$L1-Gallery$ie_RSH7UNMH1-XEU_001_Front12001800370370default794048
  • RSH7UNMH 2 Front OpenRSH7UNMHPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/ie_RSH7UNMH1-XEU_002_Front-Open?$L1-Gallery$ie_RSH7UNMH1-XEU_002_Front-Open20003000370370default6714834

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  • 912 mm Net Width
  • 1789 mm Net Case Height with Hinge
  • 1789 mm Net Case Height without Hinge
  • 692 mm Net Depth without Door Handle
  • 605 mm Net Depth without Door

Refrigerator Feature

  • Dairy Compartment
  • Egg Containers
  • 2 Fruit and Vegetable Drawers
  • LED Interior Lighting
  • 4 Door Pockets
  • 5 Shelves
  • Wine Shelf available

Cooling Feature

  • Twin Cooling Plus System
  • No frost available
  • Multi Flow available

Refrigerator Features

  • 3 Tempered glass shelves
Net Width (mm)
Net Case height w/ hinge (mm)
Net Case height w/o hinge (mm)
Net Depth w/o door handle (mm)
Net Depth w/o door (mm)
Cooling Feature
Cooling System
No frost
Multi flow
Refrigerator Feature
Dairy compartment
Egg Container
Vegetable&Fruit Drawer
Number of Drawer
Interior Light (WxEA)
Door Pocket
Number of Door Pocket
Number of Shelf
Wine Shelf
Refrigerator Features
Number of Tempered glass shelves