24MB/s fast data transfer speed proves Samsung, the market leader, as the smarter choice for your memory

• Simply the best performance, Class 4 to Class 10

• 24MB/s read speed, satisfying even the most impatient data fiend

• The sure-thing, with "3 Proof" technology

• No.1 in the memory semiconductor market for 19 years

• Classy, yet daring metalic design

Samsung has maintained the No. 1 position for memory semiconductor for 19 years in a row.

The world most trusted and leading technology has made Samsung top in the world for 19 years. For your most precious moments, Samsung SD card are for you. Even if you forget, Samsung memory cards will keep them in the most reliable way, forever.

Want more than average transfer speed?

24MB/s read speed, satisfying even the most impatient data fiend.

Want only the best performance?

Simply the best performance, from Class 4, Class 6 to Class 10, as you would expect from Samsung.

Want even beauty?

Classy yet daring metalic design. Elegance personified.

Every Product Water-Proof. Safe even in seawater.

It is for camera users who concern about water-proof capability or digital device users who often use it in water. rotecting from everyday water-related mishaps such as getting soaked. Even the device is damaged beyond repair, your data is secured. The Samsung memory cards are proven with an over 24-hour test in seawater.

Outstanding Shock proof withstanding the pressure of 1.6 ton vehicle

Portable digital devices can be broken easily by dropping or hitting objects. The device can be repaired, but once memory cards are damaged, it’s hard to recover the data from them. So, memory cards need to be durable nough to survive any possible impacts. Designed to withstand the weight of a 1.6 ton truck, the Samsung memory cards ill protect your data from daily minor mishaps to hard impact.

Safe from the magnetic force of home theatres

If the data get damaged without any specific reasons, it is often possible because of the magnetic force such as rom home theatre systems. Store your data in peace. The Samsung memory card can resist to a magnetic field of 10000 gauss, huge magnetic level from MRI.