With the Samsung 320MX-3 LFD, your business communications will take on new levels of efficiency and professionalism. The combination of brilliant visuals and a rich audio experience, thanks to the built-in speakers, will capture audiences and ensure that all work communications are well presented and captivating. The crystal clear display area gives your messaging the detail it deserves, while the convenient VGA Out port allows for other LFDs to clone your display. Reaching your target market has never been so simple.

A great picture that’s glare-free.

Whether you have a story to tell or a product to sell, it’s important that your image is crystal clear. This Samsung LFD delivers just that—even if your display is located in a brightly-lit environment. It eliminates any reflections that can disrupt your ad’s readability, keeping images smooth and visible.

Upgrade effortlessly.

This Samsung LFD LFD makes upgrading firmware easy. The simple transmission is accomplished through an image file, using a DVI, HDMI or display port. Samsung’s LFD LFD lets you perform upgrades effortlessly through a direct connection with your PC.