Capturing the passion and raw emotion of a sporting event can be difficult through a standard flat panel TV. Introducing the SM460CX. It’s a powerful display tool that delivers brilliant, larger than life moments and draws your customers into the action. With Full HD capability, a built in network module and its expansion capabilities, this is the LFD you’ve been waiting for.

motion optimiser

Combined spatial and temporal noise reduction that maintains a sharp picture whether it's still or moving.

colour optimiser

Preserves the original level of brightness while adjusting the colours to shades that your eyes accept as natural.

pivot support

SAMSUNG LFD Monitors have a pivot function that freely rotates around 90° degrees, allowing you to easily view a vertical image or text without mouse scrolling.

signal balance

It helps long distance cable connection between PC and display, receiving contents from PC within 100m.
Emphasises and compensates the original signal.

contrast enhancer

Applies a million criteria for contrast yet spares you the side-effects of conventional contrast enhancement.

detail enhancer

Selectively sharpens edges so that you see things on your screen just the way you do in real life.

VESA wall mount standard

VESA Flat Display Mounting Interface Standard Support.
-Customers can easily find a 3rd party installation company to install it.

extended video wall format

Extended Video Wall Function
- Full Mode: Video Wall regardless of cabinet bezel.
- Natural Mode: User can adjust video wall image.
Support All Video wall combination from 1x1 to 5x5.