Deliver your important messages with technology you can count on. The Samsung 460MXn-2 46" LCD display features a 4000:1 contrast ratio and 178˚ viewing angles. Plus, 1080p HD support makes sure your message is clear, colourful and heard. And with a built-in PC, you won’t need a separate media player. Make your message one to remember with Samsung professional LCD displays.

RS232C In-Out

RS232C, a standard of serial communication, is used for the communication between PC and displays. Therefore, A Multiple Display Control (MDC), helping various displays to be easily and simultaneously operated on PC, is possible with RS232C function.

Enhanced Color with DNIe

New Technology of Samsung: Brighter & Clearer Images Video signal: AV, HDMI (Not PC Signal)
- Motion Optimizer: Clear Moving Images
- Colour Optimizer: Natural Colour
- Detail Enhancer: Fine Details
- Contrast Enhancer: Sharp Contrast

Matrix Video Wall

Matrix Display for Video Wall Built-In Image Enlarging Processor suports various video wall formats. If user wants to install Video Wall as these formats, user doesn't need any other Video Controller Device. Also if viewer uses video & PC Interface, additional Input Signal Distributor is not necessary. 2 Way Multi Display format In the case of Multi Display video wall, a major isue is how to display naturaly without picture distortion. So Samsung's New Plasma Monitor suports two types of video wall formats. The first is Full mode which displays the picture regardles of cabinet bezel. The second, Natural Mode, considers bezel's depth when displaying picture.

4 Anti-image Retention Mode

Screen Scroll: Image on Screen moves down and return
Pixel Shift: All pixel moves to one pixel side horizontally or / and vertically
Bar Type: 1 horizontal bar and 1 vertical bar cross and move
Eraser Type: 2 blocks move and cover the screen

Pivot Technology

Flexible Pivot Function that freely rotates around 90˚degrees, allowing you to easily View a vertical image or text without mouse scrolling. This function gives you more flexibility, supporting presentations in portrait mode.

VESA Wall Mount Standard

VESA Flat Display Mounting Interface Standard Support
- Customer can find 3rd party installation company in anywhere easily

Various external AV devices

With CVBS, S-video, and Component inputs, can be connected to various AV devices such as DVD player, VCR, Audio, Camcorder, Game consoles as well as computers. As the popularity of high-resolution sources like DVD and HDTV are more increasing, component inputs are becoming more common