Combining the simplicity of a whiteboard and the power of a computer, the Samsung 650TS eBoard will enhance almost any learning environment. And the results are just as clear: Increased student participation, better visual presentation and more efficient lessons. So create a better learning environment with the 650TS eBoard.

eBoard for an Optimised Classroom Environment

The 650TS eBoard occupies less space than other interactive boards. It has low power consumption and can even deliver high-quality images under the brightest lighting condition.

Touch screen

The versatile touch screen will allow you to either use the supplied eBoard pen or your fingers for drawing directly on the screen.
Using multiple pen colours or highlight and bold features, you can stress the importance of certain content by either highlighting or underlining it for easier understanding and note taking.

A value-added package

This package contains a basic drawing software, a contents library, as well as Classroom Management software to help create an optimized learning environment. The drawing software enables the basic application of using the eBoard. The contents library will show your students that learning can be fun, while the Classroom Management software delivers the future of a digitised learning environment.

Clear legibility for every student

Designed with a high resolution LCD screen with wide viewing angles, the 650TS will allow every student to see what’s being taught and their learning experience.

Easy access with an expanded black edge

The screen has been expanded so that every corner is never out of touch. Now it’s easy to access the Windows icons in every corner and easy to see every note made on the screen for greater visibility.

Interactive Learning

Teachers can share eBoard content with their students, for a more collaborative learning process and a greater control over information. A student's personal computer screen can be monitored and controlled to block unnecessary websites or programs during class. In addition, teachers can conduct a class test or exam and on completion they can import from each student, back onto the eBoard.

A bright and clear screen

The LCD screen is consistently bright and clear, regardless of what’s on it. Plus, the screen protects your eye with its anti-reflective coating over the tempered glass exterior.

Reliable durability

The lifespan of the 650TS LCD panel is approximately 50000 hours (or about 30 years when used 6 hours a day)