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From its founding in 1969, Samsung has grown from a small export business to the world's largest electronics company. We now produce world-leading products in a range of categories, and our mobile computing products have swiftly grown to play a prominent role in this leadership. Through a dedication to quality, performance, technology, design and
service, Samsung has risen to become one of the fastest growing PC vendors
in the world.

We have worked tirelessly to craft laptops that satisfy the ever-growing demand for performance on the go, pushing the boundaries to offer mobile computers that sport the longest battery life in the industry [Computer Shopper Magazine, UK, 2009]. With Samsung's AllShare™ technology, connecting and sharing between your mobile laptop and other electronic devices could not be simpler. It's this investment in performance that has won us awards including "Product of the Year 2009" from Wired (US), Mikro PC (Finland), and PC World (China & Poland).

We use a tried-and-tested three-step development process that guarantees unrivalled product quality. Firstly, we manufacture the vast majority of our laptop components ourselves, so that we can attest that each element is world-class. Secondly, our notoriously rigorous quality assurance programs ensure that only the best products make it through our reliability labs. Lastly, our excellence in manufacturing - within proven ISO certified conditions - guarantees the highest quality standards, every time. These unique characteristics and our commitment to global environmental standards ensure that our laptops offer unrivalled product quality.

As witness by a growing design trend within the notebook PC segment, a laptop's aesthetic is one of the most important considerations when making a purchase. Through our worldwide design centre and partnerships with world-leading product designers, we have created laptops with style. Our product range, with its sophisticated Crystal design concept will continue this devotion to aesthetic excellence. It's no surprise that we have won so many prestigious design awards such as the iF and IDEA Design awards and the Good Design 2009 "Gold Award".

While our laptops are some of the most reliable on the market, we understand your demand for outstanding after sales service and warranty. So we're committed to providing the best, most timely customer service in the industry. Thanks to our global service network in 78 countries and our incredibly fast turnaround time - ensuring vast majority of all laptops are returned to customers within 3 days - we're proud to be recognised as leader in delivering customer service satisfaction (ranked #1 for customer satisfaction in the notebook PC category by PC Pro UK in 2009).