Enjoy the flexibility that comes the D7100 3D Blu-ray Home Entertainment System. Its 2.1ch speaker system features a unique ‘puzzle design’ where speakers can be placed in a variety of positions. Speakers are easily put together with the main system or they can utilised on a shelf or table; the choice is entirely yours. The D7100 Home Entertainment System also comes with all the cutting-edge features such as 3D Sound Plus, Smart Hub, 3D converter technology and AllShare, and is ready to keep you entertained.

Let compact size and puzzle design expand your experience

The ultra-modern compact size and puzzle design found with the Samsung D7100 opens up a whole new and stylish approach to home entertainment. Also, the 4 ‘puzzle design’ units let you get creative with how you arrange your set-up. Maybe you would prefer to utilise the bookshelf or the side-table…the choice is all yours.

Immerse your senses with an explosive 3D experience

Your world of entertainment, from blockbuster movies to action-packed games, is about to reach dizzying new heights. The Samsung Blu-ray 3D experience, which converts all you favourite 2D films into amazing 3D visuals, is the ultimate entertainment set-up. It makes you feel a part of every scene. New features such as Samsung’s unique HyperReal Engine bring amazing depth and clarity to everything you watch, and really delivers stunning results. It is entertainment like you have never seen before, and is definitely worth getting excited about.

A new gateway to a whole world of entertainment

Samsung’s D7100 Home Entertainment System brings together amazing features like Smart Hub and Built-in Wi-Fi to deliver greater connectivity and huge possibilities. The new Smart Hub allows you to access a huge amount of content at the touch of a finger, including videos on demand, music and loads more. And with greater choice of connections, including AllShare, and built-in Wi-Fi, streaming-in your favourite content and creating your dream entertainment system has never been easier.

Power Bass gives your system a big boost.

Your Samsung Home Entertainment System is designed to deliver a bigger, better bass sound. You can actually feel the bass sound grow more and more powerful on the same speaker system and with the same watt output.

3D Sound plus

Prepare yourself for the world’s first “total 3D” experience with the addition of 3D sound to your 3D viewing environment. 3D Sound Plus, Samsung’s unique sound processing technology, combines its latest advancements in sound, 3D depth Sound and Horizontal Surround, to deliver a more realistic 3D experience for a truly heart-pounding, immersive adventure.

3D converter

Imagine being able to watch your favourite 2D movies, TV shows or even games in 3D. Now you can with Samsung’s innovative 3D Converter technology. Built into your Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player, the 3D Converter will enhance your immersive, 3D viewing experience-no matter what you’re watching.

Smart Hub

An integrated Smart Hub brings a world of online content to your Home Entertainment System. Video and music on demand are all in easy reach. Forget trawling through websites to find entertainment.

Samsung Apps

Unleash the true potential of your Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player with Samsung’s vast, and growing, library of Web-connected TV Apps. They provide you with a quick and easy way to access your favourite content—-without ever turning on a PC. So you can download content that lets you access your favourite world of content (movies, music, social networking service, and etc.)

Search All

Enjoy the ease of searching for information or content browsing through the convenient Search All feature in your Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player. With a couple clicks on your remote, you can quickly search for content related to the program you’re watching or even access information and other features like VOD, Apps, and more.


Share the content playing on your Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player with the built-in Easy to use feature. Using the Wi-Fi feature, movies, TV programms, or whatever you’re watching on your Samsung Smart Blu-ray Player, can be seamlessly shared between DLNA certified devices, allowing you to enjoy an expansive range of multimedia content.

Wireless LAN Built-in

Remove the hassle and clutter of wires and cables with the built-in Wi-Fi feature in Samsung Blu-ray Home Entertainment System. The Wi-Fi feature takes entertainment to a new level with easy setup and content sharing. Now you can experience a clean, clear, and connected home entertainment environment that brings multimedia to the big screen with seamless style.

Crystal Amplifier Plus

Samsung’s proprietary digital amplifier technology, Crystal Amplifier Plus, delivers HD quality sound to your 3D experience. This innovative technology was designed to filter sound sources twice to minimise distortion and produce crystal-clear sound. Now everything you hear sounds exactly the way it was meant to be heard.


With conventional Home Entertainment Systems, you need to connect a separate optical cable to your receiver to listen to the audio from your TV. The HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) allows you to easily connect your compatible devices to process the TV’s audio signal without an optical cable.