SSG-3100GB 3D Glasses

3D comes to life with it-over glasses

Watch your entertainment come alive with Samsung’s 3D glasses. Featuring the fit-over design, which is perfect for users who already wear glasses, the 3D glasses will be noticeably more comfortable and will deliver an even better 3D experience. And with a battery type for extended viewing, which lasts up to 70 hours, you can now sit back in total comfort and enjoy as much 3D TV as you like. It’s the 3D experience you’ve always wanted.

Bring 3D to life with advanced performance

Settle for nothing less than the absolute best 3D experience. With the Advanced 3D effect,
which improves LCD speed and shadow rate, the Samsung 3D glasses SSG-3300GR
deliver a 3D performance that is simply stunning. Both lenses, right and left, work
in perfect harmony and produce images that are true-to-life. And with an
optional Samsung Visor, you can immerse yourself like never before
without the hindrance of outdoor daylight. Add to this the stable
connection, which keeps a safety link to your TV via RF
equipment, and you are ready for a new world of

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.