Chef Collection Built-In Solo Microwave with Steam Clean, 50L


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W595 X H454.2 X D570 mm

Outside (WxHxD)


Weight (Net)

Easily removes stubborn stains

Steam Cleaning lets you loosen and remove food particles and stubborn stains in the oven cavity easily. Simply fill the cup inside the oven with water and it quickly bathes the cavity, so residue can be wiped away.

Easily removes stubborn stains

Step-by-step cooking guide

The Guide Lighting Control is a digital dashboard that acts as a culinary assistant. You can control cooking temperatures and times, select functions and set cleaning options by following the lights on its display.

Step-by-step cooking guide

Safely close the door

A Pre-stop hinge door (1 level) ensures that the door can be quietly and safely closed. It automatically stops at a preset level, so it doesn’t shut too quickly and create a loud noise or cause spills or accidents.

Safely close the door
  • W595 X H454.2 X D570 mm Outside (WxHxD)
  • 35 Weight (Net)

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