Q Smart: Enjoy just with one remote | Samsung QLED TVs

Ultimate control in the palm of your hand

One Remote Control

Clear your coffee table from the clutter of multiple remotes. Control all of your compatible devices and content with a single remote.

QLED The TV is located in front and the TV is adjusted with the remote control.
The power button is pressed.
The power button is pressed.
Easy access to your content and connected devices

Smart Hub

Discover must-have entertainment through Samsung's intuitive 2017 Smart Hub. From late-night Netflix marathons to bingeing on UHD box sets, you’re only ever 3 clicks from your favourite content. Use S Voice on your remote to talk to your TV.

The QLED TV is placed obliquely in the left side, and the NETFLIX content is selected from the remote control in front of the TV.
Know what's connected

Auto Detection

Recognise your devices as soon as you connect them. Now you can go to input selection and know which device is which. No more hassles.

Click for list do compatible devices
The QLED TV is placed obliquely in the right side and HDMI cable is connected to the cable box next to the TV.
list do compatible devices
Devices Devices MSO / Model
Game Sony PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Microsoft XBOX One
XBOX 360
OTT Apple TV Apple TV 1
Apple TV 2
Apple TV 3
Apple TV 4
Amazon Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Fire TV 2
Amazon Fire TV Stick
Roku Roku 3
Roku 4
Google Chromcast
Nexus Player

Enjoy more with mobile control

Smart View

Easily browse content and control your TV from your mobile.* You can even search for your favourite content without disturbing what you're watching.

Samsung smartphone and curved screen QLED TV are located symmetrically, and the content selected by smartphone is being played on QLED TV. On the smartphone, various NETFLEX contents are spread like panorama.
Console free gaming


Access the latest titles, play old favourites and discover a whole world of entertainment through cloud gaming without the need for a console.

QLED TV is placed in front, and a car racing game is shown on the screen. In front of the TV there are hands holding a game controller and manipulating the screen.
Play world famous
streaming and PC games on your TV

Enjoy your high speed PC games on the TV via Steam link. Play your favourite PC games on the big screen without having to squint and hunch over a small monitor.

There is a curved QLED TV on the left and a notebook on the right. The TV and the laptop are connected through the home network WiFi and are streamed to the same screen.
Plus theater on your TV,
just a channel away

TV Plus

Enjoy a wide range of UHD/HDR entertainment with TV Plus.
Simply turn TV on and scroll channel to watch newly released blockbusters or your favorite ones.

QLED TV is placed on sidewise. The screen called by selecting a channel list is displayed on the TV.
  • 1. Smart View /*Compatible phone and app required.
  • 2. Smart Hub / *The Samsung Smart TV platform is used by Content Providers to make apps available. Content Providers may remove apps from the Smart TV platform or stop supporting them at any time. When new Samsung Smart TV products are launched, there may be a delay before the apps become available on those products.
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